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Jason Scott Jenkins and The Cross Wars


Jason Scott Jason is a professional actor known for taking up many diverse roles. He played the role of Jax in the magnificent movie The Cross Wars.

Callan runs a big team of professional soldiers to fight against a new kind of villain called Muerte, Spanish for death, who’s evil plot involves taking complete control over all the criminal plans that he has for the Los Angeles area. Everything related to Muerte’s illegal activity goes well when he orders his henchmen to bomb a warehouse that Callan uses as a base. Callan runs away as fast as possible, but just as he meets ex-Riley who leads a girl gang of crimefighters, he is pursued by more hooligans working for Muerte.

Jason Scott Jason

As the film progresses, Jason plays the role of Jax, a supporting character in the Cross Wars movie, and he knows how to put the right amount of action into this performance. The best scene in the film is when Muerte the gang leader introduces Jax, who is played by Jason and great piece of dialogue comes out. There is that special moment when Jason’s character Jax says, “Just point at the target and we kill the target.”

Clearly, Jason is perfectly designed for this role, because he has both the muscular physique and the right charisma to be a professional assassin. He knows how to play a tough thug, who can fight in the mean and vicious streets of LA. The gang he is working for tries to defend themselves from Callan and his police squad, who are armed with an unusually deadly weapon; an ancient cross amulet that gives them special powers. Green lightening shoots out of special custom-made laser guns, which looks like a combination of Star Wars with the science-fiction elements, and Miami Vice because of the mixture of crime fiction.

Jason is a talented actor who has played in many action scenes before, including American Horror Story. When he portrayed Jax in this movie The Cross Wars, he demonstrated that his diverse set of skills in acting allow him to pretend to be a gangster on-screen and be very convincing in the process.


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