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IQ Gama Professional Hair Dryer - Lightweight Hair Dryers

Among the many hair dryers available in the market, even if a person does not go to the salon, they can give them the celebrity-like hair effect they dream of, and they have to be confused. If you are looking for the most suitable Gama Professional hair dryer through this article, then you have come to the right place.


First, you must understand how different types of hair react to different types of hair dryers. This is a simple guide that explains what you need to know when choosing the IQ Gama dryer that suits you.


1. Invest in suitable high-end hair dryers on the market. Generally, the cheaper ones are cheaper because they usually use metal or plastic materials for heating. Metal or plastic elements burn strongly, so they are not recommended because they will evaporate water from the hair. Therefore, a hair dryer made of ceramic elements was found, which can also be used in combination with ion, tourmaline and nano silver technology to obtain the best and safer hair care effect


2. Ion hair dryers mostly use ceramic technology, so they are cost-effective because they use negatively charged ions to lock in moisture and give hair strength. Low-cost hair dryers use positively charged ions, which can cause hair to curl and reduce shine, so avoid them.


3. The Gama Professional dryer is also great, because tourmaline is an excellent generator of negative ions, which can dry hair in the shortest time. Not only that, your hair is smoother and smoother than ordinary hair, so please consider investing in this type of hair dryer to avoid damaging your hair and wasting money.


4. Since any hair dryer usually uses electricity, you should be aware of the electromagnetic fields that exist on the selected brand. In the long run, electromagnetic fields or EMF may harm your health, so please choose those with an EMF content of 0.5mg or less to ensure safe and green use.


5. When using a hair dryer, it is best to buy a IQ Gama hair dryer with a cold blowing setting, so that you can change the temperature and provide a salon-like quality effect. Most professionals also recommend that a hair dryer with a multi-speed setting is the best, so that you can control the heat radiated on the delicate hair.


6. If you want to use a hair dryer to dry your hair quickly, please choose a hair dryer with a power of 1300 watts and above, because they can work at high speed during a busy day.


7. For people with curly hair, you should buy a hair dryer with a diffuser, so that your curly hair will not become flat and your locks will be more sexy. For those with straight hair, please buy straight hair with a concentrator so that you can reveal the beauty of your hair.


Hopefully, with the key features of the best hair dryer mentioned above, you should be able to choose a hair that suits you. Remember to use ceramic types, and don't forget to use deep conditioner and thermal insulation products when styling.


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