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Investors Swarm the Commodities Market Schwabcore Management


Why it’s time to invest in soy and other agricultural crops for maximum gains and tax-free returns!

The real estate market may be hitting a cooldown in 2018 for property investors worldwide. With rising prices and income taxes from the capital returns, 2018 has caused property investors to shift their portfolios towards a stronger investment option. Many investors are turning over to the commodities market for their fix in returns and tax-free capital gains.

 Schwabcore Management has been leading the way by guiding property investors entry into the hidden potential of the  commodities market. Agriculture and protein-based foods have been on a strong and steady rise over the last decade. This is especially true for livestock feed and soy on the Asian continent. The demand is high and reaching record peaks for US farmers. Investors only stand to gain from this successful export in the stock exchange. It’s been on such a strong streak that it doesn’t take an expert to jump into today’s commodities market. And that’s exactly what attracts so many property investors right now.

According to  Bloomberg, the world economy is at an all-time high. And when this happens, consumers buy more meat, dairy and egg products. The demand is high and the supply is steady. US and Brazilian farmers have been slated to out-produce other countries in soy exports to China, Indonesia and many other southeastern Asian countries. Agricultural commodities are quickly becoming a strong and stable market for investors, and property investors aren’t intending to miss this opportunity to make up for a cooling housing market.

“There’s much to be gained by differentiating your portfolio into the commodities market. It’s a safer capital investment that’s show promise for short-term gains and long-term returns. US and Brazilian soy and corn are huge producers and an easy way in for new investors looking for future contract commodities.”— Peter Lee, CEO of Schwabcore Management

Taking this lead, Schwabcore has been procuring a number of future commodity contracts for investors. These are standardised agreements that facilitate trading and future exchanges at a specified time and price. This ensures a secure and capital-safe investment on the stock-exchange.

Investments are available now through a Schwabcore investment manager. Schwabcore management works only with capital-safe investments. Basic commodity investments are expected to drive returns from 12% and upwards and are free from capital taxation. This is just another reason property investors are trusting Schwabcore to bring them into the commodities market.


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