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Introducing the Silent Salesman in Deira City Centre with Pixcom

Digital Display has taken over the market with better displays to improve branding and provide better engagement tools to expand the customer experience. Most of the brands are adopting LED Digital Signage Solution in UAE and this industry is buzzing everywhere. Outdoor and Indoor LED Displays keep following you to tell you what to eat, where to go and what to buy. The large screens are flexible display screens that can be stretched to fit the contours of a bus yet are transparent enough so riders can see out windows.


Here’s introducing you all to another colossal outdoor screen installation with a 4.8-pixel pitch and high resolution at the Deira City Centre, Dubai.


City Centre Deira is one of the flagship malls ranks as one of the most successful shopping malls in the world. Located in the older part of the city is well-known for its widest selection of shopping, dining and cinema experience. Over 370 Retail Stores. 58 Dining Options. Street Food. Unique Attractions. Arcade Games. Leading Shopping Centre.

Pixcom recently installed a huge fully programmable colossal outdoor Screen in Deira City Center to display many more ads and messages including videos on a single screen. City Centre Deira with an average footfall of 22 million annually has created an international dimension for attraction with this alluring outdoor LED Display screen which stands tall and spellbind.


Pixcom being a master in LED Display Solution has seen LED Technology take a march towards mini to micro dimensions. Today, Stunning LED Displays with equally stunning prices have a bright future. With a passion for large screen displays inclusive of LCD screens, Interactive LED Displays, Video Walls, Display Monitors, Gaming Monitors, and Accessories; we cater to all manner of businesses as well as home cinemas.


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