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Interview with C&C Green Rhino CEO and Founder

C & C GreenRhino Trucking LLC

GreenRhino LLC is a transportation, real estate, and construction company that offers its services by providing high-quality products in the construction and building sector with well-trained architects, professionals, and contractors. They understand what it takes to satisfy customers' needs and build a healthy relationship with them.


C & C GreenRhino LLC Motive

A company's primary motive is to strive to bring ease to its consumers by introducing valuable products in the market. They believe in maintaining the relationship of honesty and respect with their consumers. The head office of the C & C GreenRhino is located in Pennsylvania and Maryland USA.


About the Owner- A Brief Introduction

The C & C GreenRhino Company was founded by Elvis Wanda-Eze who is also the CEO of architectural and technological companies Wanda Dezine and director of Elvachi Pharmacies. He is an architect and an entrepreneur dedicated to providing consumers with top-notch products in various sectors.


In What Ways Do They Help Their Consumers?

  • The C & C GreenRhino has groups of siling ships that travel all over the United States. These contain both automatic and manual trucks.
  • They also offer real estate services that build and fix commercial and residential properties.
  • With the manufacturing of valuable products, including clothing, safety, construction tools, cleaning, technology, and apparel and masks, GreenRhino has made itself a well-known brand.


Elvachi Pharmacy and Stores

Elvachi pharmacy and stores were inaugurated by the Elvis Wanda Eze and Lisa Wanda to provide the services in the medical and health sector. The company was formed in 2018 and is headquartered in Nigeria, Abuja.


What are They Aiming to Provide in the Future?

At GreenRhino, the company constantly strives to provide its consumers with the best and high-quality products to ensure they get what they ask for. They believe in uniting the world for next-generation solutions.


Moreover, the company is developing sustainable and reliable construction and architectural programs and continues to provide solutions in almost every sector.


What Do Their Customers Have to Say About Their Services?

"They started working on my rooftop, and everything went fine. The company was very concerned about whether or not I was satisfied with their services. Their labor is hardworking and focused on their job. I leaked after three days of rain, and they fixed it at no cost. I would want to work with them." John.


"I contacted the company for the installation of my roof and sidings. All the work was done without any hassle and trouble. They came on a single phone call to provide the services and were very respectful. The roofers did a wonderful job on my roof at reasonable rates." David.


Bottomline- C & C GreenRhino Trucking LLC

The company is dedicated to providing the outclass architectural and construction services. They are keen on serving the consumers with high-quality products and are willing to serve them in several sectors.


Furthermore, they believe in maintaining a better and safe environment for their consumer by manufacturing various products. Whether they are cleaning products, safety, or clothing, they are concerned about the protection of their consumers and continue to do so in the future as well. They are serving the customers the best they can.


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