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International Entrepreneur Inspires Others To Live Life In High Definition


Our audience is keen about reading stories of entrepreneurs creating a difference in the world. Your profile speaks volumes of the outstanding work you have done. Tell us about yourself and your work.


I am a lifelong entrepreneur, husband, and father of 6 children based out of Phoenix, Arizona, in the USA.  I'm the CEO of The HD Group and a co-founder of #TheHDLife global movement. This movement is centered around people upgrading their life and living the best possible lifestyle or The High Definition Lifestyle by improving 4 key areas - Finances, Time Freedom, Health & Wellness, business knowledge. We use entrepreneurship and business to help people improve in these four areas. We have built the businesses in 45+ countries, trained over 120k entrepreneurs, and have helped produce hundreds of millions in sales through the companies and entrepreneurs we have worked with. My wife Rylee is a key partner and together we are known as The HD Couple. We also involve our children into our business, they are known as The HD Kids and together we are The HD Family. We’re known as top business developers, branding experts, and international expansion consultants. Our Sales, marketing, and technology expertise has allowed us to become a highly sought after partner in many different industries, including financial, medical, wellness, travel, franchising, athletics, and building affiliate programs, online marketing, and network marketing.

In detail, tell us about your journey behind creating this valuable brand.

My lifelong dream was to be a sports agent. I went to college, Law school, and got an MBA. I found myself in tremendous debt and as a father, then shifted to learning Financial Services to provide for my daughter. I had a brief but successful career in financial services until the USA economy crashed in 2008. By 2009, I was at rock bottom financially, without a home, and sleeping in my car. I started working with a health and wellness company and studied internet and social media marketing to build that business and also consult for other companies to get back on my feet. I quickly became a premier authority in those areas and with a great team and partners including Eric Foster & Dallas Clounch, we formed The HD Group to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition to focusing on North America, the last 5 years we started rapid expansion to Asia & Latin America, while also developing markets in Europe, Australia, and Africa.

Your story is something many readers would love to relate to. Now go in detail and tell us how your company works.

We align with companies that we can help take to the next level or upgrade. We work all aspects of business development from sales, marketing, brand, technology, negotiations, expansion, and increasing revenue. We are hands-on with these companies and in most cases, we help execute all aspects of the plan we develop. I also train and consult for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who are in need of guidance to grow their business.

What challenges did you face while creating your brand? What are the challenges you go through on an everyday basis?

I have faced many challenges. I have had former partners steal from us, cheat us, and even former mentors try to disparage our reputation. You will have challenges frequently in business & life. I live by the philosophy that successful people use obstacles as motivation and average people use them as excuses. I have no interest in being average. Whether it's having financial, relationship, family, health, or personal challenges, you can use those as reasons why you can't do something to succeed or you can use those as reasons on why you must succeed. I have found that the more successful someone is the bigger challenges they face, but you use those for bigger motivation

What is your future vision and how do you wish to take your success to the next level?

I am currently focused on increasing my presence and expertise in industries and countries that I have not previously worked in. I have recently put together an organization of Professional Athletes that we are bringing into the network of businesses and companies that I align with to provide a mutually beneficial and lucrative partnership for both the athletes, businesses, and consumer. I have also built strategic alliances with global icons in business, including one of the original sharks from the tv show Shark Tank. Additionally, I am focused on helping my kids and family develop their brands to inspire couples, families, and kids in entrepreneurship.  We have a book, podcasts, and vlog all in the process of coming out in the next few months. This will bring awareness not just to us, but to inspire more people from all walks of life around the world to live The HD Life.

How do you deal with stress, work pressure on a day to day basis?

It starts with commitment, mindset, and belief. You have to decide that once you commit, no matter what, nothing will stop you. That you will not let anyone or anything take you away from reaching your goals. You need to have a belief that what you are doing will get you to your goals and to expect the unexpected. Stress, obstacles, challenges, and problems are part of any great mission. If you know this going into a business, become bulletproof and eliminate all negativity, you will continue to move forward on your path.

What advice would you like to give to someone who has a dream of creating something of his own and make a living through it?

Do it! Find your passion and pursue it. If it keeps you up at night and gets you up in the morning because of the burning desire you have to pursue something, do it. Find a mentor you can relate to, even if it is a virtual mentor that you don't know or won't meet. Commit and figure out the plan. Don't suffer from paralysis through analysis otherwise, you will never get started. Just GO, GO, GO! The best way to learn will be by doing it. You can't live The HD Life unless you are truly pursuing your dreams. Know that it won't be easy, there will be obstacles, but you have to take risks to achieve the greatest successes.

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