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How to Start Your Own Flat Iron Line?

Nowadays, the flat iron is regarded as one of the most popular hair styling tools, and there are more and more people are thinking of their own flat iron brand and launching their flat iron line.

But do you know how to start your own flat iron line?

In the beginning, you should take your budget and your customers’ needs into account.

For the customer, the quality is quite important, because a good flat iron is an investment, and it isn’t a disposable object which should be fixed or replaced frequently. The right appliance quickly stylized the hair without damage from heat, breakage or irregular textures, and bring the perfect effects.

For yourself, you should choose the hot-sale straightener types and find a reliable custom logo flat iron manufacturer. Ok, follow these five steps to brand your own flat iron.


  1. Choose the Right Shape

You might think that straightening iron is simply, well, flat. However, the edges of these hair straighteners would affect their versatility. If the plates and the outer edges of the flat iron are slightly rounded, it will be easier to make the transition from your iron to a pincer. Flatiron with sharp edges is less adaptable but can provide a somewhat smoother hair.


  1. Consider the Width Plate

As wider the plates, the faster you can straighten your hair. Of course, if you plan to travel with your iron, you will want a little more narrow plates that can easily fit in your bag. Women with fine hair may also find that the wide plates apply too much heat, damaging the hair shaft.


  1. Select the Right Plates
  • Titanium flat irons are quickly heated by applying higher temperatures more evenly. These irons tend to be more expensive, and you do not need titanium iron unless you have thick, very curly hair.
  • Ceramic irons combine value and efficiency, offering uniform heat for most hair textures. Some straighteners, however, only have the ceramic coating. Eventually, ceramics wears away, leaving him with an iron distributes heat unevenly or not at all.
  • Tourmaline plates are excellent for damaged hair. Sometimes called ‘ionic plates’, these plates produce more negative than positive ions, reducing frizz and sealing the hair shaft.


  1. Take the Temperature into Consideration

High heat means faster, more effective straightening, but not all hair types need the hottest irons. To reduce damage to your hair, consider an iron that offers adjustable heat settings, then style on the lowest heat setting that gets you the results you want.

Low-cost irons sometimes heat up unevenly, resulting in an uneven texture and potentially even burning sections of your hair. The wholesale professional infrared hair straightener has intelligent sensors in each plate, and the plate is floating, ensuring that the iron is hot enough to style your hair without overheating.


  1. Consider the value and the price

It’s easy to purchase cheap iron for your business. If you do, you’ll probably find, Your store will not have repeat customers and even received some negative feedback within a few months later. As you know, the problem with cheap plates is that they tend to break faster. They can also damage the hair since cheap straighteners can apply heat unevenly, become entangled and even overheat.

Pricier irons offer greater value. Your quality flat irons will last for years, and your customers will not have to spend cash on expensive hair treatments to remedy the damage caused by a cheap iron for your clients. Over time, you can even save money and time because you will not have to constantly replace broken plates.

In a word, you must carefully consider the value and the price.


  1. Find a reliable private label flat iron manufacturer

To turn your business ideas into a reality, you should find a reliable custom-made flat irons manufacturer who is experienced and good customer reviews.

Here are some good platforms you can look for some hair flat iron manufacturers:

  • This is the official website of Hongsen Hairdressing Equipment Technology CO., LTD. which has its own manufacturing plant and sales team. With 10 years experience in hair styling tools, it can offer quality private label flat irons and custom logo hair curlers service for global brands, companies, distributions, and wholesalers at factory direct price. This company also can help you to design the right flat irons your brand really need according to the market trend.
  • This is China’s — and to some degree, the world’s — biggest online commerce company. There are thousands of hair straighteners manufacturer on it, you can contact some suppliers to know their certification, price, MOQ, and supply ability. But maybe you will spend some time picking an ideal one from so many similar manufacturers.
  • A hair tools manufacturer in China and it has become known for its creative designs, consistent high quality and smooth pre-sales and aftersales services.
  •,, They are some online commerce websites like


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