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How to Find a Unicorn for Couples

If you are into polyamory, finding the right unicorn for you and your partner can be quite hard. If you do not know what “Unicorn” means, in terms of dating unicorns are bisexual individuals who are willing to join an existing couple’s relationship. Some people find this disturbing most especially the “conservative” ones. But the act of finding a good and stable poly relationship is as good as any other relationships. They discuss and consent with each other like all other relationships. So how can you find a good unicorn?

If you and your partner are looking for a unicorn, you are then called “Unicorn Hunters”. As the title suggests you are hunting for a great candidate to spice up your sexual life. Having a third person join the party can be a great experience. The unicorn should be suitable for both the male and the female of an existing relationship. You and your partner must first discuss and list down the traits each of you are looking for. This should be done with full respect towards each other and both parties must agree on the unicorn they will be having. Ideally they will want to have the unicorn’s traits to be skinny, gorgeous, submissive, preferably red hair, have a great sexual personality and sexual appeal. Many unicorn hunters often have a hard time finding a unicorn, this is because they do not mutually agree on the traits of the unicorn they will be having. So if you are planning to get yourselves a unicorn, mutual agreement towards what kind of unicorn you are ideally going to have is the first step in finding the right unicorn.

After you have finished discussing what kind of unicorn both of you mutually wants, you can now start the hunt! Imagine how much more your sexual life can become? That fantasy serves as the fuel for your hunt. Never give up! It can be hard and take a lot of time in searching for the unicorn you just really need, but persistency is the key. The second step of successfully getting your ideal unicorn is having resolve, as you continue the hunt.

There are a vast lot of bisexual females who are willing to join a couple in a threesome. You can low key invite them. In other words, send hints like in jokes or gestures, and if they send positive feedback, then it’s a go. Do not get overexcited especially during your first time, prepare your body and prepare mentally for the sexual euphoria you will soon experience! Make sure to have your body as clean as possible and blow off some load right before sex so you can last longer, making sure both females can be satisfied. Whether you’re a male or female, make sure that both partners are having fun and equally at that. This way you will have a great experience as well as for them too. Make sure the target unicorn finds pleasure in your first threesome, so she would like and agree to join your relationship as a personal “Unicorn”. If the unicorn had fun, you can ask him or her if they would like to be your unicorn. And if you do well, congrats! You’ve now got yourself your very own “Unicorn”.

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