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How to Dress Boho for a Stunning Look

The boho or bohemian style has been in fashion since 1960. Many people still love this fashion style up to now because of its uniqueness. The colors, the pattern, and the vibe makes many people can't get enough of it.


If you like boho style as well, then here are some tips and tricks on how to dress boho style that make you look stunning. Let's check them out.


Tips on How to Dress for Boho Style


1. Wear Loose Outfits

You may often find that there are many loose outfits when it comes to bohemian style. For example, flared jeans, loose tops, ruffle skirts, and maxi dresses. Those loose outfits represent how free-spirited the people who found the style.


Although the boho style has many loose outfits, it doesn't mean you can just wear all of them at once. You need to wear structured accessories to balance it, such as structured shoes, necklaces, belts, and many more.


2. Choose Puffy Sleeves

If you don't really like loose outfits, you can get yourself clothes with puffy or balloon sleeves. For example, blouses, jackets, cardigans, etc.


This detail still has a boho vibe in it. It is also a great way to add volume to your outfit to give a more relaxed and oversized look without feeling like wearing plus-size clothes.


3. Choose Your Signature Dress

You can say that the bohemian dress is the most outfit women wear to get a boho-chic style. It only comes in a piece, then you can add more details, like wearing some accessories, jackets, cardigans, or sweaters.


For that reason, you have to choose great dresses, like the ones with beautiful patterns, soft linen material, or vibrant colors. With the right 'additional' outfits, wearing boho dresses can make you look casual or formal.


4. Don't Be Afraid of Fringe

Another characteristic of the boho style is fringe outfits. Hence, you have to get yourself fringe outfits or accessories, like jackets, cardigans, skirts, and earrings.


It is fun to wear fringe outfits. It will make your style look more unique and less boring. So, don't be afraid to add some sway with the fringe and express yourself.


5. Balance with Earthy Tones

After choosing vibrant colors for your dress, tops, or cardigans - you have to choose earthy tones to balance the 'colors' on your look. Earthy tones are brown, gray, soft green, tan, cream, and gold.


You can choose those natural colors for your shoes, hats, bags, or other accessories. It will bring elegant and stylish impressions to your look.


6. Don't Forget White

Do you want to use monochrome colors for your boho style? No worries. The modern boho style brings white as a color for outfits, like layered ruffle skirts, off-shoulder tops, fitted tops, etc.


To make your look perfect, combine the white outfits you choose with golden or cream accessories, namely handbags, necklaces, earrings, and shoes.


Those are 6 tips on how to dress for boho style. However, you can still add more ideas on how to rock your boho look. Don't be afraid to mix the outfits you have and make your own style. You can visit noracora for the latest boho-style outfits here.

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