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How to choose the right pillow

You know the emotion. You have stayed in that hotel or slept over at that relative's house. You move the pillow around. You rested on the edge of it. You folded it in two. Finally, you threw the pillow off of the bed in aggravation. It is surprising how a little piece of material, whether feather or foam, wrapped with a bit of fabric can drastically impact your ability to sleep.


There are numerous health impacts of uncomfortable pillows:


Your spine, head, hips, shoulders, and neck find support from many intricate bits and pieces (also known as muscles, bones, and joints). When you sleep, a pillow plays a vital role in supporting and protecting them.  Pillows for neck pain help a lot. Specially if they are firm like that of the organic kapok pillow from Amouve.

The kinesthetic purpose of a pillow is to keep the upper body aligned when lying down. It counterbalances the supine position of the body and relieves pressure off of joints and muscles. It's precisely why a good pillow is so essential. It supports the body as it rests and helps to restore it from physical, postural, and nervous pressure that builds up over the day. Without the ability to recover, your spine, neck, shoulders, and more could fall into serious disrepair.



You need a good night’s sleep. Your body requires it to function correctly. If you do not get it, not only will you have low energy during the day and feel groggy, it will likely affect your mood and your health. For your immune system to continue fighting off bacteria and viruses, it needs rest. And this is where the lousy pillow comes in.


A bad pillow can disrupt your sleep, even if you do not remember waking up in the night or tossing and turning. It can eventually cause low-grade exhaustion or semisomnia. The Edinburgh Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service found that uncomfortable sleep conditions can cause people to lose about an hour of sleep every night. But on top of this, it lowers the quality of sleep.


When it comes to the fill of pillows, there is no right choice. It merely depends on what you need and want.

  • The cheapest option is a polyester or synthetic down fill. These pillows are typically less expensive but will need to be replaced more often as they wear out much faster than their natural counterparts. However, there is nothing wrong with this filler, and it is ideal for those who prefer a medium softness to their pillow.
  • Alternatively, if you like the softest of pillows and want one that will last a long time, there are a number of choices. These pillows will be filled with a combination of shredded foams and a siliconized fiber, making for a supportive yet soft pillow. And if you suffer from allergies, they make for an excellent hypoallergenic pillow.
  • Memory foam pillow is a third option. These pillows will conform to your body and respond to your body weight and heat. It has a unique technology that enables it to evenly distribute weight across its surface, making it more supportive of the head, neck, and shoulder muscles. However, if you tend to get hot at night, these pillows will accentuate it, as they are highly heat-retaining. The only filler-free foam pillow with no formaldehyde, phthalates or heavy metals. It has high density and reflexes slowly. It is a doctor recommended pillow and conforms to the head neck and spine. Thse pillows are available at Amouve store.


  • Another option is 100 % organic pillow India made of tree grown kapok fibre. This high-loft pillow is 8 times lighter than cotton and an excellent alternative to down pillows.
  • The conclusion is that organic and eco memory foam pillows are much better than polyfill pillows. Since Amouve is a store that highly recommends and sells organic pillows. Do check out the website to experience the best sleeping experience through our products.

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