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How to Choose Mint Curling Iron From Best Beauty Supply

Many women think that the Mint Curling Iron tool is a magic tool because it can help create the curls they want. Even if it looks attractive, it can damage the hair if it is used improperly. In other words, the way of using curler determines the success of the hairstyle. It is also important to use the correct curling iron to curl your hair and have the right barrel size. This article will further discuss some quick tips on how to get excellent hair styling effects by using curling irons correctly.


Choosing high-quality curling tools from Beauty Supply may be the first step to using a curling iron to get the best hairstyle. Therefore, it would be better if you use high-quality curling irons made of ceramic, tourmaline or titanium. It is even better if you use a crimping tool that combines two or more of these materials. Hot Tools professional spring curling iron, BaByliss Pro tourmaline ceramic curling iron, BaByliss Pro titanium ceramic curling iron and KQC Swirl professional ceramic curling iron are recommended curling irons, which have the best curling effect, safe and healthy. .

It is also important to use Mint Curling Iron tools with the correct lens barrel size. For example, if you want elastic curls, then a barrel with a diameter of only 75 inches is recommended. This is also suitable for people with short and thin hair. Similarly, for natural curls, use one-inch curling tongs. In addition, it is sufficient if you use a curling rod with a diameter of 1.5-2 inches to generate cascading waves. For best results, use curling irons with adjustable heat settings. In turn, this will help adjust the heat settings to suit the texture of the hair.


Before curling your hair, wash your hair with shampoo, and then apply a heat protect ant spray or gel on wet hair. Then blow dry and divide the hair into small sections. The next step is to insert curling tools. When the desired temperature is reached, loose part of the hair to place it in the curling iron. Now slide the curling tool down from the scalp. When the iron reaches the tip of the hair, roll it up and hold it for about ten seconds. Repeat the same steps for all other parts of the hair.


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