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Keeping your teeth healthy and whole is important not only because of good looks, but also because poor teeth affect the rest of the body and can be detrimental to overall health. Poor teeth can cause problems with joints, heart conditions, nerve damage and even gangrene and cancer. Dentists are there to mend our teeth and help us with feeling and looking better.

When looking for a dental clinic, you have two options

-Find local dentist – Wherever you live, the number of dentists in your vicinity is probably high. Local dentists are good for quick fixes and solving immediate teeth problems. However, their services can be expensive, as dentistry is one of the most expensive fields in medicine.


-Find dentist abroad – As dentist prices vary from one country to another, it is quite possible that you can find cheaper deals abroad. Also, some dentist treatments are not available in every country, so if you have a problem with finding what you need locally, we suggest searching abroad.

However, whatever you choose, it is important to research well and to find as much information about a dentist before choosing one. The reason why is that, while dental procedures do not seem like a big deal, a botched dental work can leave consequences that can last a long time. Dentists put foreign materials in our body, and if they do something wrong, it could lead to a serious inflammation, which results in a lot of pain and the need to do the procedure again. Because of this, you have to be able to make an informed decision about choosing a doctor.


How to make an informed decision?

When choosing a dentist who will do the work on your teeth, the best way to make an informed decision is to thoroughly research all candidates that you have on your shortlist of dentists. If you choose dentists hastily, you can end up with paying a lot more than you should, while still getting a poor service and, possibly, a botched dental job. In order to research properly, here are some things that you need to look at when choosing.


What to look for when researching medical centers?

  • Qualifications and experience – Even though dentistry and orthodontistry require less years of school than medical doctors, their education and qualifications are still quite important. You should check where the dentist got his diploma. Also, you should check whether he is up-to-date with the latest practices in dentistry. This can be shown by the dentist attending dentistry conferences and symposia, as well as by him/her being a part of some dentists’ organization.
  • Pricing and inclusions – Dentistry is one of the most expensive fields of medicine for the patients. The rule is, generally, that the more developed a country is, the more expensive dental services it has. Dental tourism started because of this, as in some countries the dentists have such little overhead costs that it makes it more affordable for patients to travel, pay for stay in another country and have their teeth fixed than doing a procedure locally. However, if the price is cheaper, make sure that the package has everything you need.
  • Check the facilities – A dentist is practically nothing without quality tools. The newer the equipment, the better the service. Sure, there are some dentists out there who can do wonders with old equipment, but those are more of an exception. Having a modern office with the latest tools will almost guarantee that the visit will be a pleasurable one.


Questions to ask before booking

Does the dental clinic certified have all the relevant certifications?– When looking at dentists, be sure to check their certificates and licenses. There are many dentists working without a license. Not having a license means that they haven’t undergone the rigorous tests that they have to pass in order to get one, and this probably means that they are not good enough for those.


How much will the treatment package cost me? – The cost of the dental procedure depends mostly on the type of materials used, the country you are in, and the amount of work needed. Check how much the package costs and compare with other dental offices that you have found, and then make a decision.


What is included in the package and how much will other expenses cost? – While in some situations the cost of the dentist itself is lower, it might happen that the rest of the things you have to pay for are more expensive. See whether things like transportation and stay are included in the package. If not, check online how much it costs to stay in the city and to actually get there. It might be cheaper to travel somewhere closer.


Are there any reviews from previous patients? – You cannot get better information about the quality of a dentist than from his other patients. You can always check some patient reviews and go for patient testimonials. These are real people who have undergone the same or similar procedures as you, and they get the best say about the whole experience.

Finding a dentist is easy if you do not have any preferences, as there are a lot of them. However, finding a good dentist who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg is a bit more difficult. The best way to finding a reliable, yet cheap dentist is through thorough research and comparison. We are here to help you if you need any information to make your decision, but we cannot make the decision for you and choosing a dentist wisely, especially for big procedures like total teeth makeover, is very important as you will avoid complications.


If you need help choosing a dentist or you wish to find out more about what we offer in that field, feel free to contact us!


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