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How To Build A Flagstone Retaining Wall

Flagstone is one of the most popular retaining walls today, whether residential or commercial. To build a retaining wall may be costly for flagstone, but it provides several benefits. These advantages include increasing the value of your home because of the aesthetic feature. It also keeps the dirt in place and keeps it dry. In addition, rainwater drainage channeled away from your home and minimized the chance of catastrophic property damage. Lastly, by lowering maintenance and preventing erosion, retaining walls save time and money.


A landscape designer may be necessary if you want a stunning landscape in your neighborhood. In addition, Flagstone offers various landscape applications, such as eye-catching pathways and patios, durable flooring, a lovely fire pit, or attractive water element. While the internet provides many gorgeous designs to choose from for your Flagstone design, make sure the materials and area are appropriate for your needs. The availability of the materials and total area of construction should keep in mind first when planning to build a Flagstone retaining wall. And of course, don’t forget the budget because the Flagstone wall may be costly.


To build a Flagstone wall, you have to understand some important factors. One of these factors is how many flagstones will you need? Some would want a mix and match Flagstone retaining wall. However, many would also appreciate the Flagstone wall because of the natural stone and minimal maintenance. In today’s article, let’s provide you with guidelines on building a stunning Flagstone retaining wall.



Simple Guidelines for Building a Flagstone Retaining Wall

  • Choose the area
  • Choose Flagstone wall design
  • Prepare the materials and tools
  • Start with the foundation
  • Footings
  • Laying the stones
  • Finish with top rock



Choose the Area

Determine where you will construct the Flagstone wall—flagstone walls are typically created in the garden since the garden area provides flattened spaces that are easy to build. Then place one stick on each end of the site, keeping in mind that the height of the stick must be equal to the height of the wall.



Choose Flagstone Wall Design

The design you choose is crucial because it will decide the materials you'll need. It will also utilize specific types of masonry works. In addition to the overall attractiveness, the design should be a valuable and cost-effective flagstone wall.



Prepare the Materials and Tools

Tools are essential to create a beautiful and durable Flagstone wall. Depending on the area, you can quickly build the desired Flagstone wall with proper tools in 2-3 days. Trowels, a Convex Jointer, a masonry hammer, a Chisel or 4-inch Bolster, Shovels, and a wheelbarrow are some of the most specific tools required. On the other hand, it is essential to have high-quality materials. You don't want a flagstone wall that isn't strong and has an unattractive appeal.



Start with the Foundation

For it to work, you must first lay a solid foundation. For example, if you want to build a 3-4 foot wall, the recommended base depth is 10-12 inches. Next, ensure to dig a deep trench to provide an even layer of base material, build a level trench.




Make sure the footings are at the lowest sections of the wall. Once the stones are in place, they should hide them. You can use steel bars for curves and then cover them with a 2-inch coating of cement. In addition, a concrete footing is the best foundation in building most stone walls or constructions. 



Laying the Stones

Start with the big rocks and work down to the smaller ones while setting down the stones when laying the stones. Also, keep a few big rocks aside for the top layer. You can also use any stone shape you desire, as long as it follows the slope of the wall.



Finish with Top Rock

The top layer is for stability aside from the final appearance of the wall. So, again, make sure to the Flagstone with top rock that is attractive and solid. Lastly, be careful to take a step back and assess each layer's stability.



Retaining walls made of masonry materials can endure for many years. The beautiful built retaining wall may create beautiful memories for the families. Depending on the type and quality of the retaining wall, it will serve many generations. Therefore, proper choice of material is crucial aside from the aesthetic value.


No doubt that Flagstone retaining walls create attractive designs in one’s property. Natural stone beauty adds to the property’s value and can provide a lovely atmosphere and security. However, Building a gorgeous and robust Flagstone wall may require professional skills. A landscape contractor will assist you in creating your desired landscape design in a professional manner, which is a long-term investment.


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