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How to Apply for Russian visa in New York

How the Process Works!

All passport holders in the United States are required to obtain an entry visa in order to visit Russia. This is the federal law as all visas must be obtained prior to the visit. The Russian-American Consulting Corp has been in business for over 25 years with industry-leading experience in providing more than 10,000 visas successfully. This is very important to note as travelers must be prepared for their trip. There are a few important aspects to note before traveling. The Russian-American Consulting Corp can expedite visas as well. This is a very important add-on service that allows travelers to plan closer to their departure date. Some travelers may not be able to apply weeks in advance. This helps to save on time when applying later.




Easy Application for Travelers (Russian Visa NYC)

The Russian-America Consulting Corp helps many travelers to obtain the necessary documents they need in order to travel. They are located in two popular metropolitan areas of NYC. Their first location is in Manhattan on 34th street and their second location is in Brooklyn on Coney Island Avenue. The addresses of the offices are clearly mentioned on the contact page –  These two locations are conveniently located in New York City. There are a few things applicants must provide during the application process.


How to Apply for a Russian Visa (Tourist Visa to Russia NYC/Business Visa to Russia)

The first thing applicants need to show is a valid passport. A valid passport is a necessity in order to validate identify and ability to travel. Without a passport, the agency will not be able to assist an applicant in obtaining a Russian visa. The next step applicants need to provide is a completed Russian visa application form. This form can be found online. You may visit the Russian visa page to get it – The next criteria is a completed ID and password for visa application as well as one picture of the applicant.


The picture needs to be a clear headshot of the applicant. The size of the photo for Russian visa must be 35 mm X 45 mm (1 3/8" X 1 ¾"). Many drugstores will offer to take these pictures for you with a white background. If the applicant would like their visa mailed to them, they need to provide a FedEx prepaid waybill with a check or money order for the amount of the visa. Different types of visa have different prices. This is very important to note as certain travelers may prefer one type of visa over another.  The processing timing also reflects on the price of Russian visa.


Quick & Easy Process (Russian Consulate NYC)

The process of applying is fast and easy. Russian-American Consulting Corp makes the process hassle-free with their clear instructions. They ensure the application process is quick and allows travelers to obtain the documents they need easily. They work very closely with the Russian embassy located in Washington D.C as well as with the Russian consulate in NYC in order to process applicant's visas as quickly as possible. First-time applicants can ensure the process will be easy and stress-free. Simply follow the instruction listed to apply and provide all the necessary documents. Russian-American Consulting Corp remains the leader in providing Russian visas in NYC for all types of applicants in the area.


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