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How to Amp up Your Bedroom with Maximalist Decor

After years of scrolling down those extensively decorated and stunning bedrooms on Instagram, you have your own place, a safe sanctuary that you would want to look as majestic as you are. You would want to go all out, but hold your horses once. Maximalist decor does not mean cramming your room with every extravagant piece you find. There ought to be a sophistication and grace in your maximalist bedroom decor.


Firstly, you need to make your room feel airy and sunny, so give that old duvet a dusting and invest in some quality bed sheets. You could choose a variety of organic bed sheets and thin blankets from brands specializing in Luxury bedding India. Then, bring out your toolbox or go shopping to beautify your safe sanctuary. Keep your budget in mind, because even if you want to go all out, there is nothing wrong with saving a few bucks and stealing discount deals every now and then. You could invest that extra bucks in getting some clothes, or other quirky accessories for your bedroom. Maybe think of a tall ballerina sculpture near your dressing table!


  • Bright colors with patterned quirky sheets

You could choose the brightest shades of sunshine yellow, cobalt blue, turquoise teal, magenta purple, or submarine red for your walls. In fact, you could choose any color and complement it with off-beat furniture. You must note that if your walls are textured and brightly colored, you require white and beige furniture. Please do not pair loud furniture with textured walls. It would make your room look cluttered. If your room has bright colors and feels too cluttered to deck up anymore, but you want to give it a new touch, invest in some patterned or floral printed bedsheets.Luxury bedding India has many varieties of organic patterned bed sheets that would beautify your room in the healthiest way imaginable. These bed sheets are organically-produced and are environmentally sustainable. 


  • Long, flowy curtains

It is not only your bed that you can amp up with luxury bedding. You could install patterned, striped, or floral curtains to totally transform your bedroom. It would make for a very beautiful selfie corner. Also, make sure that the curtains are organically-produced, like the bedsheets, to ensure breathable air and comfort in your room. If you are a plant mom, you could install purple, or teal curtains to either contrast, or complement the look. 


  • Engraved and textured furniture

You don't have to cover all the walls with texture and bright colors. If you want minimalist decor in a subtle way, go for a single textured wall with loud and quirky furniture. You could invest in a twisted glass table, or a patterned lamp stand, or the quirkiest shaped sofas and almirahs. The best way to cover a non-textured wall is to install colored and wooden shelves. It would be ideal if you could buy illustrated book covers and fill the shelves. Or, if you are a non-reader, you could buy knick-knacks, or mini-sculptures to keep on it. You must make sure that the shelves are tall enough to reach the ceiling. It would give a complete look to your bedroom. 


  • Secret storage nearly everywhere

Now, that you have a maximally decorated bedroom, you would always be running low on space. Therefore, it would help you to install drawers underneath your bed, or have shelves popping out of your cabinets. You could keep items that you do not need everyday there to make your room look less cluttered. If you have already purchased your bed, and it did not come with a drawer, or mini-bed underneath, you could DIY baskets and ropes to serve as storage. It could be a new bed for your pet too.


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