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How Many Puffs Do Disposable Vapes Have?

Puff Count

The puff count for each disposable vape varies from brand to brand and you can tell from most of their promotional material or via their website, however, so many of these devices don't typically have a view window to see the amount of juice you have left, so all you can do is guess by how long it takes to run out of juice so to speak, but you can be assured that most devices due to TPD regulations here in the UK contain all the way up to 2ml (as per restrictions)

After doing some of my own internal tests (the nicotine headache was severe after all this testing) and after some research we have seen that on average our tests have shown us that 1 minute of vaping on average is equal to 1/2 a traditional cigarette, 2 minutes is equal to a traditional cigarette but with some left over and 5 minutes would be considered 2 traditional cigarettes smoked back to back (this is obviously dependent on how strong your drag is when using the vape)


This equates to 1 pack of cigarettes or 20 traditional cigarettes smoked, with a very big cost difference with traditional tobacco products costing as much as £15 per pack whereas MYTTHS cost £5.49 (lower than most of the industry and its competitors)



There's so many different disposable vapes on the market, it's near on impossible to choose, but why not try a MYTTHS Lite Bar disposable, with 10 flavours and 6 more on the way you should definitely have a look at the hottest disposable vape in the UK.




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