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How do You Clean a Green Swimming Pool?

A swimming pool turns green due to algae formation. Algae is a big problem for many pool owners. They ruin the pleasure of swimming. In addition, a green pool is difficult to solve if you don't know exactly what to do about it. Fortunately, there is hope. A pool cleaner is naturally always a very good solution because he knows about it. A robotic pool cleaner is also a very convenient solution. Of course, you can also go to work yourself, which is why we have prepared a whole step-by-step plan here.

How does a pool turn green?

Although we can't get enough of it in the summer, the sun is the biggest culprit in the formation of algae. Algae are microscopic organisms that use light energy to obtain carbohydrates to grow and multiply. Normally, chemicals like chlorine or anti-algae kill these algae and keep them out of the pool water. Thus, an improper water balance is usually the cause of a green pool. To reduce the sun's influence, we always recommend covering the pool with a light-proof cover when the pool is not in use. This way the chemicals do not have to work as hard.

How do you prevent a green pool?

You can prevent the risk of algae in your pool by regularly testing the pool water with a good tester. Based on the measurement results you can add the right amount of chemicals to the pool water so that the water balance remains good. It is also wise to place a UV lamp in the technical installation of your pool. This kills the viruses and bacteria that other disinfectants, such as chlorine, cannot kill. Obviously, hiring a pool cleaner of purchasing a robotic pool cleaner is also a very effective way for preventing a green pool.

How do you get a green pool clear again? Follow the steps

If the pool water has turned green, you can follow the following steps. Be aware that there are no miracle cures that will get the pool water clear in a day. It is a process that can take several days, sometimes even weeks.

Step 1

Check the water in the pool with a good tester. The alkalinity (TA) and pH of the pool are especially important here. If necessary, add TA+ or TA- and/or pH- or pH+ to the pool to bring the pH level up to par. A good TA level is between 100 and 150 ppm and a good pH level is between 7.0 and 7.4. 7.2 is perfect.

Step 2

Add chlorine shock to the swimming water. Normal chlorine levels are between 1 and 2 ppm/liter. If there is algae in the pool, the chlorine level may be increased to 3 ppm/liter. Too much chlorine can lead to bound chlorine, which can be counterproductive. Chlorine is also a life-threatening product if used incorrectly.

Step 3

If the water is heavily green, it is wise to add Anti-Alga as well.

Step 4

Let the pool pump run 24 hours a day. Check the pool values daily and adjust, if necessary, with the appropriate chemicals.

Almost done... Remove dead algae from the pool

Dead algae often stay in the pool. They are too small to be filtered by the filtration system. The algae sink to the bottom or remains floating in the water. To remove the algae from the pool you can do the following:

Step 1

Add flocculant to the pool. Flocculant binds all suspended particles together so they can be filtered by the filtering system

Step 2

Set the pump to circulate for 24 hours. This allows the water to flow through the filter vessel. This gives the flocculant a chance to bind all suspended algae particles together.

Step 3

Put the pump back on filtering and keep a close eye on the pressure gauge. Chances are it will rise quickly. In that case, set the filter vessel with the 6-way valve to backwash for a few minutes.

Step 4

Clean the bottom of the pool by cleaning it thoroughly with a pool vacuum cleaner. Backwash the filter system regularly.

After following the above steps, all the algae should be out of the pool. The green pool has now turned into a clear and clean pool. Patience is important in this process.

Don't have the time to keep your pool clean yourself? Hire a pool cleaner or purchase a robotic pool cleaner.

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