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How Diego Salvador Sanchez Lee is changing the education system by helping people to improve their lives

Diego Salvador Sanchez Lee is a coach, model and actor, as well as a motivational speaker. He will release training to help people to manage the drop shipping and self confidence to help people in every way possible.

This 28th years old Coach has been on a mission to unite people by teaching transformational ideas that our current education system ignores. Soon, students will be able to choose growth program and also a part of the profits will be donated to an association to help young people in insertions but also children in the world.

With the passage of time and the development of technology, the education system is also changing. Now we have different education methods, namely traditional education, distance learning and online courses. Everyone has their own importance and will equally help us provide high-level education and obtain better employment opportunities. The traditional way of education is still the most popular and most expensive way of education. Distance learning is not very popular because people think cannot provide students with the best way of education and lack of knowledge. However, Diego does not offer a diploma, but through his training he will offer a job, that of having his e-commerce store turnkey and especially the ability to surpass himself every day and maybe soon more.


Ignoring the distance learning for this position, we can compare the traditional education model and the online education model. Students participating in the online education model can receive education from short courses to degree courses, while the traditional education model can undoubtedly provide every type of education for every student class. There are online universities, colleges, and other institutions that provide online courses, and then there are formal institutions that provide education for traditional and online students. The choice of education depends on the student. Students can receive education through any medium, and it all depends on the availability of students.


Reasons for the traditional education model

Traditional education is the oldest and most common way to obtain education, and it is also the recommended learning method for young students. But school will never teach you how to manage your stress, how to speak up, how to manage your cash flow, how to study the market and how to start your own business. We can look at the pros and cons of this education method to better understand it:


Benefits Of Current Education System

- One-to-one interaction between teacher and student. It is easy to pass the content to the person sitting in front of you, and it is also easy for students to understand better.

- The most common way to provide education.

- You can choose from multiple options.

- Education and other facilities, such as: cafeteria, library, sports and other recreational activities.


Disadvantages :

  • Expensive fees
  • Diploma does not rhyme with financial independence
  • Does not ensure you a position according to your skills
  • Learning that won't be at your pace

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