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How Did Gauthmath Become the Best Math Solver App?

Technology changed the ways students are taught. Online education industry has been growing with more students studying in remote. No teacher or classmate around to offer help? Plenty of helpers that students could turn to on their phones. Apps cover all kinds of problems anywhere anytime. Student could have a tutor to teach remotely for a customized session. If you'd like to pay, you could find many. Recorded classes and AI answers are also some apps’ specialty. Sounds convenient but the problem is that these solutions could be a waste of time since it might not get the already-confused-ones to the right point, even worse, to a wrong idea. What if a student who doesn't have money but needs accurate customized explanation of concept and answer to the exact question that he or she has? The solution is GAUTHMATH!


Gauthmath is a FREE math homework solver app with real live tutors answering all kinds of math questions 24*7. Snap a picture of the question, a real live tutor is going to send you an accurate answer with detailed steps, along with explanation of the concept and tricks that lie behind it. Even word problems could be solved by these well-trained amazing tutors.


Yes, it is free. Read Gauthmath's story, you'll know why it is.


We've all been there: no boundaries should be on a student's way to learn

Gauthmath app was created by a bunch of maths enthusiasts who understand the pain of not having the correct answer after spending hours on the questions. Some lucky students have reliable tutors or smart friends to help them. While those who didn't or couldn't have any math experts around to help them out could feel quite struggling and frustrating in math questions with a consequent of resistance in math studying.


What a pity!

Gauthmath team members all experienced these upset moments in their studying life. It was a moment that one had already worked out a problem but didn't match with the answer key without knowing the wrong step or just had no clue which was the best angle to work out a graph, a sampling question, or the x in a function. Yes, we all had these moments and all we needed at those times was a reminder from a tutor, a friend, a family member or a random person online.


This is the reason that Curry Z, founder of Gauthmath created the app, to help students with these moments. When they couldn't pay for a tutor and have no one around to help them out, by taking a picture of the question, step by step explanations are offered. What's even better, these fast and accurate answers are free simply because of what Curry believes, that there should be no boundaries in studying at any time.


Curry took a summer internship working for an elementary school in a small village in Eastern Samar of Philippines in 2015. Students needed to walk miles in hot summer days to school. When they got back home, there was usually no one around that they could ask for extra help when they met a difficult question. No student in the school that he worked ever had a tutor or any after school education assistance. Teachers had to spend more time helping students revise the previous knowledge so that the teaching progress are always slow.


By then, he decided to create an app offering afterschool math help for Free. Having been succeeded in other commercial apps that he co-founded, in 2019, he brought up the idea of spending the money that his company accumulated on an educational app. With the whole team holding such a belief, they launched the app in 2020. Some users don't trust them for offering free services. There's no way to get unlimited answers with no charges! It was Curry and his team who hold a Big Dream are covering the cost. All of Gauthmath team members want to offer the world benefits instead of benefiting from the world. Rich or poor, good or bad at math, love or hate studying, all could find the answers in the app. Soon after the app was ready, Philippines was one of the first countries that they launched the app. Thousands of Filipinos got free study help after class.

Are the answers from Internet correct? Only if the helpers were strictly selected

Gauthmath has teachers from all over the world joined in their tutoring program. These math experts were so familiar with algebra, geometry, probability and statistics since they were not only majored in mathematics but have been teaching maths for years. Well, the math test in the application process could still be struggling for some of them because the entry standard is high. Since Gauthmath aims at covering all math questions, the range of difficulty levels could be a challenge for some. It explains why the app answers questions fast. They've got the best maths tutors.


Tutors need to be paid. Especially the pretty good ones. Those fast, accurate and detailed answers result from years of math training. Their payment consists of the biggest cost of Gauthmath. Right now, the company solely are paying for their vision. Maybe they'll have a couple of ads in between questions to cover a part of the cost in the future. But the app will always provide free answers, said the whole Gauthmath team.


Homework solver, step by step: extra explanations could always be of help

To find an answer is easy, sometimes a calculator is all one needs. But step by step answers are difficult. It takes time to provide details. Besides, not all could illustrate the concept in the question and guide the lost ones back to the right track by providing explanations. It needs experience of lecturing math. Only the ones who've taught enough that could provide such helpful guidance. With detailed steps, one could locate the part that goes wrong. With explanations, it helps students not only get this question, but questions come from the same concept.


Sometimes the steps might not be in detail if the tutor was eagerly providing users with a fast answer. Since the answer is given by real human, in very few occasions, answers could be wrong. Not satisfied with the answer. Ask the question again, you might get a more detailed answer from Tutor Jenny instead of Tutor Mark.


What else is this app missing?

Currently, the app doesn't provide a service for users to "actually" chat with the tutors. Once the answer and explanation are provided to the corresponding question, user might still be confused at a certain step and in demand of further illustrations. That's when they'd want to chat with the tutor for clarification. But tutors would leave the chat immediately after the answer is provided or ruled that the question itself is unclear. We believe that it's a way to save cost for the company. They'd rather spend the time of the tutors on helping more questions than helping to clear out one question.


Comparison with other math solvers: even word problems could be solved!

What makes Gauthmath stands out is that it provides thousands of FREE real tutors online for your questions. You don't need to go over other's questions and answers hoping that they match with yours. To save your time, the answers provided by these tutors are probably faster than anyone that could provide. The answers are also in great details which help you understand the problem so that you won't have the same type of question again.


There're similar apps. Slader who covers textbooks with answer keys. Users could directly search for the textbook that they use in school and find the exact chapter and questions. But it charges, and not all the textbooks are covered. Brainly is another app. You could search for questions which could have already been asked by other students and check out all the answers that are provided to this question by the other users. However, you might find there are some funny and wrong answers to important questions. One could find it difficult to distinguish the pretty-close-to-correctness wrong answers.


Then it comes to Photomath, an app easy to use. By snapping a math problem, answers will be provided fast. Only that one needs to pay for the full steps. Yes, they'll provide a simple answer for free but charge for the full answer. Besides, it couldn't solve word problem or so it said, "only solving word problem in a couple of textbooks".


Hans invests $1000 at a rate of x% per year compound interest. At the end of 5 years, the value of the investment is $2820.30, correct to the nearest cent. Find the value of x. You have to answer this question in 15mins, what are you going to do?


Now is time to try Gauthmath to find the answer. Homework solver, step by step here :-


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