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Heata Boom


  • Performed in Nashville opening up for Don trip
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Heata Boom, also known as cel or big boom is a talented artist with a passion for hip-hop, and R&B. He was born Marcel P. Hurd, on September 16th, 1989.


Hailing from West Memphis, Arkansas, this charismatic rap artist managed to combine stunning melodies with infectious grooves and great beats, in order to create a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound! He had a dream of becoming a professional musician ever since he was only a kid. Sadly, his one brother passed away in a car crash, so he had to take care of his 3 sisters and family. He also had some run-ins with the law, since he spent 15 months in county jail for muder of the first degree, and violation of a weapons charge. He actually focused on music while in jail, and even released one of his mxtapes (“Fuck da other side) while behind bars!


However, he never lost sights of his passion. In addition to making his own music, Heataboom also founded his own publishing company, MDS. He has also been very active as a business person, founding Money don’t sleep and serving as the company’s co-chief executive. As an artist, Heata Boom has released a lot of amazing music, including one full album and 3 mixtapes, all of which have been incredibly successful on the market, earning the artist major acclaim! Moreover, he also dropped a few amazing new single, including “Share,” “Global,” and “Disrespectful.” Hie has collaborated with SKG Boosie bad ass, on a song that will be released in May! Watch out for some new music, because he is ready to drop something more in the near future!


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