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Hair Loss After Hair Transplant

Hairs are an important part of our head, which everyone wants to be thick and shiny. But many people have baldness problems even when they do hair restoration surgery, they face hair loss after hair transplant. It  is such a type of surgery in which we can get our hair back after transplantation. Many people try such techniques and some of them get the best result and some face difficulties due to a number of reasons. These types of techniques are in common now but most people prefer hair transplantation over other techniques. These are best over restoration products. People consult their surgeons and then take a transplant then they have shiny hairs but there are also some side effects of these techniques.


The procedure proves to be successful about 80 to 90%. Many people face hair loss after transplant because they did not take proper care of their head even after a surgery and also because of the reason that they wash them just after a day of their surgery. There are many safety measures that we have to take after our procedure. We should never do a head wash at least for about three days after transplantation. We have to be more careful about combing the hairs. We need not to comb too hard. We should not touch the grafted area of our head and should not comb there. If we do not follow the instructions we may face serious issues related to our head.

Hair loss after hair transplant is a normal thing. After transplantation a person face hair fall and this is a way for new hairs to grow. This provides the pathway to hairs to grow naturally. Our hairs are too sensitive to chemicals after a surgery that if we want to use any chemical product we first need to consult our doctor. After transplantation we should not use any cosmetic product in our hairs for about three to four weeks. After surgery our hair becomes mature after four to five months. After four months these start to grow automatically. All that is needed then is just proper care. Many people have confusion about this because they feel some kind of pain and irritation in their head after a surgery. The reason behind this may be their poor care. After surgery one needs to be more careful about the head region.


Hair fall is absolutely okay but if it exceeds over a certain limit then one should immediately consult an expert. One main reason for this hair loss is to use any chemical product to your hairs within a week after transplantation so that the grafted area of the head where surgery has been done is harmed. Less experienced staff and poorly educated experts have done a hair surgery then this is also the reason behind excessive damage and loss after a transplant. An expert gives you all instructions about how to take care of your hair after the surgery and also informs you well about the whole procedure of transplantation so you are well aware of surgery type before getting the surgery done. So an aware person never gets frustrated about the operation or surgery and then nothing bad happens to her/him.


After a surgery your hairs loss may be 3-7% but there is nothing to worry about because it is normal after any type of procedure. This type of hair fall is the base for new follicles to grow in your head. And you need not to worry about them. Then you should also consult with an expert about the type of shampoo and other products. If you want to get expert advice then you should contact the best hair transplant clinic in Lahore or in your town.


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