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Grow Your Own Weed vs. Buy at Nearby Dispensaries: Weighing the Pros and Cons


Ah! Robins on the wing, spring is in the air. It’s time for planting with a view to harvesting when plants are mature. For those considering raising their own cannabis, they should weigh the pros and cons between growing at home or buying at a nearby dispensary.

Pros of growing your own weed indoors

Growing marijuana at home for personal recreational use or for medical application is and has been the main source of weed for tens of thousands of users. And, with use and possession expanding to more states, the interest in growing your own is steadily increasing.

Most users have no interest in farming acres of grass indoors or out. Most only want enough to satisfy their personal needs.

  • Farming indoors may be the best choice for locations without the space or weather for productivity.
  • Planting indoors gives you more control over lighting, irrigation, pests, fertilizers, and growing cycles.
  • Managing an indoor garden well lets you tighten the growth period, create denser plants, and assure pesticide-free weed.
  • Planning a garden lets you raise several different strains for variety and so you can harvest throughout the year.
  • Growing cannabis indoors is hard to detect, so it is the better choice for those growing in states that still do not allow it.

Cons of growing indoors

Growing marijuana indoors is limited to your indoor space. Most users look to supply their own stash, but users and dealers have long raised weed in quantity indoors, from garages to hothouses.

  • Setting up a grow operation larger than a few plants is going to cost you for all the tools, systems, and care.
  • Watering, lighting, and ventilating your grow room will create electric bills that will get someone’s attention.
  • Caring for plants indoors takes more time and attention just so you can have the control you value.

Pros of growing your own weed outdoors



Growing cannabis outdoors has several advantages. But, the advantages are a function of the size (and legality) of the farm.

  • Raising weed outdoors is low-cost in terms of startup and maintenance because the need for equipment is reduced.
  • Growing outdoors usually produces larger plants and more volume because they have room to grow.

Cons of growing outdoors

With enough space and appropriate weather environment, you can raise a high-yielding crop of quality cannabis. Still, growers face some disadvantages.

  • Growing large numbers of plants remains illegal in most jurisdictions, even where laws have been liberalized.
  • Lacking control over weather, you risk damage and destruction by too much or too little rain.
  • Farming outdoors is virtually impossible for city folks because of space and laws.
  • Raising your weed outside makes it vulnerable to insects and creatures that can damage or corrupt the plants.
  • Flowering stages only come once a year outdoors because there is no control over light and water.

Pros of buying your own weed at a nearby dispensary



Buying from a nearby authorized dispensary sure beats buying weed on the street where you risk arrest and significantly poor quality. “Nearby” is the operative word because you cannot minimize the convenience of a local dispensary.

  • Buying locally lets you buy what you want when you want it.
  • Shopping locally (in legalized areas) encourages comparison shopping.
  • Visiting dispensaries is becoming a more enjoyable shopping experience as owners compete for trade with customer service, inventory selection, and store ambiance.
  • Regulating authorities are developing demanding quality standards from seed to sale.
  • Serving many interests, the dispensary will offer a wide range of strains, oils, seeds, edibles, and other derivaties with advice and customer service.

Cons of buying weed from dispensary

Buying weed from a dispensary has few cons going for it. It is the preferred way to buy a secure product.

  • Pricing (with taxes and overhead) will be significantly higher at a dispensary than growing your own product.
  • Depending on the state, you may find it difficult to find or reach a dispensary.
  • Using dispensary products will require cash because banking restrictions put cannabis businesses on a cash-only basis.

So, what’s a user to do?

Even dispensaries, when they are fully operational, will vary in service, quality, and integrity. The majority will offer a quality-assured product for cannabis users. It will offer known brands and expert advice on strains and use.

But, they will do so at a considerable out-of-pocket cost. Heavy taxes and restrictions on operations will pass the overhead on to customers.

For users with the time, interest, and green thumb necessary, planting and growing weed at home puts love into the product. For those willing to control, expense, and cultivate the crop, they can assure their own quality, taste, and timing.

So, weighing the pros and cons, you understand the choice is yours. It’s somewhat dependent on your location, your local laws, and preferences. But, the choice is yours.


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