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Go the Green Energy Way - Using Thermo Chemical Gasification Technology


The increasing land temperature, carbon emission, and rising global warming are some of the top reasons which necessitate us to look out for novel techniques to lessen the load on a non-renewable resource. The efforts involved include making appropriate use of existing resources as well as waste, which can efficiently be converted into a valuable resource. Amongst the various methods available, the Thermo Chemical Gasification technology is one of the most profound methodologies which pose a lucrative medium to produce energy from waste.


The innovative technology is the result of the efforts of Mr. Himansh Verma, the Chairman of Navrattan Group of Companies. The young entrepreneur is the committed to developing and acquiring Intellectual Property Rights of Eco-friendly science & technological innovations.


So, what exactly does gasification mean?

Thermo Chemical Gasification is the process which utilizes products rich with carbon wherein they are heated in high temperature to produce cleaner energy such as heat and electricity. The Thermo Chemical Gasification process uses partial oxidation of carbon-rich materials, including biomass, which is broken down into gases comprising of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and much more. Navrattan Holdings Ltd offers consumers the resources used for carrying out the process.

Going back in time, this process isn’t quite old. It was used initially in the 1800s for producing town gas utilized for cooking and lighting the town. But the latest Navrattan’s Thermo Chemical Gasification technology is an innovation that much help in reducing waste while producing ‘Syngas’ which is 100% clean Gas and can be efficiently used for generating ‘green’ electricity. Navrattan Holdings Ltd is one of the renowned companies whose provision is to assist in handling and using the technology with the view of penetrating to regions where there is a dearth of electricity and gas for lighting street lights, houses, and cooking.


How is this technology beneficial?

The primary benefit of technology is making appropriate use of waste and utilizing it to produce energy. The technology significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Besides, it renders a platform for regions which is in the dearth of Electricity and other energy resources like cooking gas. The company offers a lucrative stop for students by provisioning users with all the essential resources which will be put into use and convert the waste accumulated through farming, animal waste, and sewage into green energy.

This not only helps in reducing the load of waste that gets deposited in the environment but also decreases its harmful effect on nature. Changing time calls for a different method that will bring about betterment for the planet. Thermo Chemical Gasification technique lays across a platform to create best out of waste thereby helping create green electricity for villages and users from remote areas to gain the advantage of producing cleaner, greener, and low-cost energy out of waste.


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