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Get The Best Digital Signage Solution For The Retail Industry in Dubai, UAE


What can an advanced digital signage solution do for you?

The secret lies in the software. The per-identification solution will include business intelligence software integrated into your inventory software. This integration allows for highly intuitive marketing applications to help you increase sales to your on-site customers when making final purchase decisions at the cash register. This is accomplished by presenting the customer with an attractive visual image of the up-sell offer of the target that matches its original purchase.

Digital signage companies in Dubai combine LCD screens with business intelligence software to enable you to measure the effectiveness of specific promotions and enhance the look and feel of retail stores to increase return visits.


How does it work?

A new generation of digital signage solutions connect directly to your cash register, analyze each customer's purchases to determine the best matching upsell offer; then, display an upsell offer to your customers on a customer-facing LCD screen Attractive visual image. The analysis is based on predefined rules set according to your business strategy.

For example, in a clothing store, the system can be programmed to promote slow moving items, provide sweaters on rainy days before the rainy season, or sell on the fashion line of the previous season. Then, before the actual purchase, the matching quote will be displayed to your customer when the customer receives the payment.

The benefits of digital signage solutions:

Increase the average sales per customer. Provide the right product for your customers at the right time. The interactive signage system provides customers with an attractive visual image of the product to complement the products they have purchased. This visual image forces customers to buy additional products because they feel they are bargaining. By providing customers with products that complement their original purchases and meet your marketing strategy, you can increase your revenue immediately.

Optimize inventory usage. Promote slow-moving products to unlock valuable space in stores and storage. Advanced signage solutions allow you to program rules into your system that will trigger the promotion of messages that are more difficult to sell. Smart solutions will give you maximum control over your inventory usage, so you can keep your inventory in the way that best suits your business needs.

Promote impulse buying tendencies. Force your customers to purchase additional unplanned items by leveraging their impulse buying preferences. If the customer is exposed to the relevant up-sell offer when making a purchase decision, then your customer will be more likely to purchase the unplanned product at the time of the incentive.

Instantly modify live promotions. Take advantage of every marketing opportunity presented to you by tapping the button and taking advantage of changing environments such as vacations, inventory or weather. The ability to instantly change promotions is more effective than relying on outdated marketing methods such as promotional window posters or pop-ups.

Increase the return visit rate. Make sure your customers get back to your business through the day's promotions and make customers feel more appreciated, thus improving the overall atmosphere of the branch. Advanced digital signage solutions bring a stylish, modern feel to every retail store and provide customers with a personal style that suits their taste.


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