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Furniture Secrets for your Condo by MsME Interior Design


Miami is undoubtedly home to some of the most luxurious condos. The culturally rich atmosphere, the glitz and glamour, the wonderful beaches and the awesome weather. Though you can find Condos just around every corner, the one’s decorated by professional Interior Designers are truly worth living.

The Beach life of Miami and the people there make this place unique in every aspect. Therefore, MsME Interior Design, which has specialty in Designing Interior of Condos in Miami has come up with some great tips specifically aimed at making your Interior look awesome by virtue of placement of the furniture in your room.

Working on the Interiors of a Condo is like Working on a blank canvas and working with an empty room or a blank canvas can be intimidating at times. Let’s face it, with multitude of different design possibilities available to you, it can be really tough to come up with an interior design that is fresh, eye catching, sophisticated and last but not the least, meets the expectations of the client in every possible sense. However, when it comes to the interior design of any room, without an iota of doubt, everything starts with furniture placement. MsME Interior, a leading interior design firm for Condos in Miami have the following tips for arranging your furniture that will help you create a space that is inspiring and unique and at the same time truly comfortable.


Select a Focal Point

Like a blank Canvas has a focal point which acts like an anchor for an artist, before you start placing your furniture pieces in your room, have a clear cut vision on a focal point that will act as the anchor of your entire living space. There are different kinds of furniture in a home and it varies based on the taste of the owner. However, there are some basic furniture present in every home. Special focus should be placed on their placement. Whether it is a fireplace, a piece of wall art or a table piece, or just a beautiful window, you should try to place the furniture around your center point so that it can draw the eye and attention of you and your guests in that direction. Once you have decided your focal point, things will become easier and everything else should seem to easily fall into place.


Don’t place the furniture on the sides

Though individual choices can lead different people to place furniture at different locations, it is advisable to avoid placing the furniture along the perimeter of a room or along the sides. This creates a very boring look and the ambiance of the entire room feels stagnant. But as said earlier, it also depends on the design and shape of the room . Moreover, it is also true to a certain extent that larger furniture pieces may not always fit right in the center of the room. So what’s the solution? One possible option is that, if one is considering lining your couch along the wall, one might consider bringing other some smaller accent pieces into the room to create movement and interest. And what are those smaller accent pieces? One might consider putting a coffee table or an armchair.  These smaller pieces will add some balance and symmetry to your room. The decision of placing the furniture on the sides will depend on the size of the room. But as a basic rule, it should be placed in the center or some where near it.


Keep things simple

It is not a secret that most of the times, our rooms are littered with things including furniture that we don’t really require. It’s a normal human tendency to shop for more than what is required. When this tendency is applied with furniture, it leaves our living space filled with things that kill space thereby creating a super messy appearance. Therefore while arranging a furniture in a room, one must consider this- think about what all that room really needs and what all things you can do away it. Does your study room require a side couch? If not, try removing similar unimportant items from the room. Does your room need a bed? If yes, it probably needs some bedside tables and maximum a dresser or two. Barring these essential items, try to avoid adding too many unnecessary furniture pieces to a room as this will create a cluttered impression of the entire room. Keeping things simple doesn’t mean you cannot add any thing to decorate that reflects your personality or something that you truly love. So, if you want to add something to your room, consider adding some accessories that can go well with the basic furniture items. For example you can use items like throw pillows and rugs to add that extra element in your room without making things cluttered.



Furniture play a very important part in the entire design concept. Therefore, everything from its selection to its placement has to be carefully planned. According to MsME Interior Design team, the most common error that is seen in furniture placement is to place all the pieces around the walls and this is triggered by the fact that people think that it will make the room look a bit larger. But this is not true and it does exactly the opposite. Another solution people can opt for is to group sofas and chairs parallel to each other . In general one can consider keeping you furniture parallel to the walls, which can be very pleasing on the eye.

Miami has a lot of Modern Furniture Stores and if you are looking for purchasing your next set of furniture for your Condo, you can consider the above tips given by MsME Interior Design which also provides Interior Design services in Miami area, so that your rooms have clean and modern appearance.

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