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Friesian Horse Diet, Grooming and Training


What Do Friesian Horse Eats?

Most Horse breeds are fed with the alfalfa hay, but the Friesian horses are not eating this type of hay. One reason is that there is no alfalfa in Holland where most of Friesian horses are bred and grown. The Alfalfa is also a high-protein diet that is not suitable to Friesian Horses, and since this type of food is not natural to them, this, especially the imported hay may cause allergic reactions to their gut, thus being cautious is more most important. What the Friesian horses are recommended to eat is a good quality of grass hay following the general horse feeding rule of thumb for an average horse in minimal work is followed. Boosting the energy of a Friesian horse can be done with small feedings of mixed grains accompanied by some trace minerals or salt blocks with enough water. Always remember to not underfeed them, so take an eye of the weight, and not the physical body physique as it may be deceiving.

Friesian Horse

The Good Looking Friesian Horse

The very well-known most beautiful horse in the world, Frederik the Great is notably gorgeous and accordingly, grooming this horse celebrity is recorded to take up to 3 hours just bathing and drying the mane and tail alone.

One of the strongest assets a Friesian horse may have is its appearance. They are known to be very attractive with their natural thick mane and tail and an all-black and shiny coat.

Ways to maintain these assets are really important for the Friesian Horse, as these are their capital to be admired by most in horse shows and events.

Choosing the best horse shampoo that works with their sensitive skin may also take time. To be sure, always take time to ask your equine vet as the Friesian horse is notable of being prone to skin diseases and there are many horse shampoo that may contain ingredients that may cause allergic reactions to the Friesian horse’s coat.

Trimming down the Friesian horse’s mane and tail to the desired length is also a regular routine to keep it tidy and clean by making sure that it does not drag on the ground especially the feathers on their legs.

Friesian Horse Training

The Friesian horse is an intelligent and very kind animal. They are fast-learners and can perform well in any discipline.

Friesian horses have delayed maturity in growth and development like they are 2 years behind in comparison with other horse breeds. This means a 4-year old Friesian horse is equivalent to having a 2-year old horse of other breeds. So, make sure that training them will follow a step-by-step process at the right timing. Take into consideration that they should not be pushed beyond their limits or this will backfire on you at a later time. Patience waiting for the right time and age for them to be trained is best. Since they are smart and easy to learn by nature, you can trust that they can cope up with other horses trained earlier than they have.


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