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Free Sex-Story Religious Teen craves older men for Hot-Sex

Adult dating. 1. How do you enjoy what you’ve never known?

Life had become one bleak, monotonous routine for Heidi. There was no excitement, no adrenaline rush, no thrill that would make goose bumps pop out on her skin. It was as tepid as the coffee she sipped on long dreary mornings after the children were dropped off at school.

She had gotten married at the age of 18, when her classmates were attaining full sexual maturity and comparing the size of their tits every morning. She had always been the good one. She closed her ears when they discussed sex positions, and pierced her eyes into her books while they aspired to the excitement of lustful adult dating.

Four years and three kids later, she wished that she had paid slight attention. On her wedding night, she had been clueless. Her husband, Furo, had stared at her hairy pussy, then slid into it without a word. She bit back her lips and held back the searing pain. When he was done, he grunted, emptied himself, then turned to face the other side of the bed.

When she tried to be adventurous in the months that followed, he had stared at her with incredulity and disgust, such that she retreated into a cocoon of celibacy in her mind, and refused to come out. She simply gave herself to him anytime he asked, stiffened her body and thoroughly detached herself until he was done. And oh, how he asked stupid questions. He would twirl her tits like door knobs and ask in a raspy dinner tainted breath; “Now how do you like that, huh?”

She would reply in the affirmative and a cloud of disappointment would pass his face. He was always expecting her to moan to the high heavens like how the stars in the porn for women he watched moaned. She often imagined if things could have turned out differently. If she had met him in a nightclub, if there was mania, fire, and passion. If they had met on a hookup site and had casual sex on the first night. If only wishes were horses.

Since their sex life was mundane, devoid of new sex positions, and she practically gave him free sex anytime he wanted (Free sex because she never felt a thing), she had concomitantly taken to dressing like an inuit. She had been that way, till now.

She had begun to feel kinky of late. She traced his sleeping form with her slender fingers, and twirled the hair on his chest. He did not stir from his slumber.

She took the bull by the horns by raising the duvet and pulling down his shorts to give him a blow job. She had spent all day reading and watching tutorials on how to give one.

She slid his dick I to her mouth and bobbed on it slowly in fluid motions. The girl in the simulated video had mentioned that some men loved to get their balls licked. She took his dick in deeper into her mouth. She was about halfway through it when she gagged. Her hard palate was assaulted by the size of the foreign phallus. It tickled her throat and almost made her lose her dinner, and she retched.

“What are you doing!” Furo burst out. He swung his leg over the bed, barely missing her face with his fungal smelling foot. His voice was gruff with indifference as he addressed her. He didn’t want any of such ‘stupid’ surprises. He added that blow jobs were the works of Satan, and Heidi wondered how he knew that.

They climbed back into bed, but the want was like a deep ache in Heidi’s wet pussy. It pulsated upwards into her torso and made its way along her extremities. She tried to place his hands on her tit, and he withdrew it as if he had touched hot coal.

Furo had refused to touch her, not even with his lips on hers. She took solace in the fact that the lay together and they shared a string of air between them. She tried to breathe in every breath he exhaled. It was the closest thing to intimacy, so she clung to it like a dog lapping up shit. As though he were aware of this, Furious turned to his side and left her to her own devices. She signed and drifted off into a troubled sleep.

Hookup Site. 2. The unfurling.

The next morning, she carried out the routine just she had always done for the last four years.

She fixed breakfast and sterilized the kids’ cutleries for lunch at school. She pressed tiny uniforms and polished equally tiny school shoes. She smoothened out Furo’s work clothes and made his coffee just how he liked it– with a ridiculously high amount of sugar. She bathed the children and watched them hop into the school bus, then gave Furo a perfunctory kiss that bellied her disappointment and sexual starvation.

When everyone had left, she stood in front of the mirror in the master bedroom and stripped. She stared at herself long and hard, before the tears began to drop. She was young and supple. Nubile. Virile.

Her tiny tits were perky, and her stomach firm. Her smooth long legs bordered her sparse hairy pussy, and she wished for nothing more than to be appreciated. She caressed her butt and touched herself all over. A foreign tingling sensation spread up her thighs and she groaned with want. All she wanted, all she craved at that very moment was some hardcore casual sex with anybody that smelled nice at least.

Suddenly, an idea popped into her head like the devil’s suggestion. It was enticing, and she held onto it.

With her heart pounding, she walked briskly to the dining where her phone was plugged. She had never walked around the house naked, and the thought that someone would walk in assailed her.

She had an appointment with the family pastor today, but she pushed it to the recesses of her mind. The way he counseled marriages even when his own was falling to pieces made her face contort with disgust. It was the pastor’s wife what had advised her to submit herself wholly to Furo, to pray over his semen as she wiped herself, and to avoid using condoms. Now she was saddled with three kids.

She picked up the phone with trembling hands and went back into the room. She typed in, ‘casual sex’ into the search box. A list of definitions and websites stating the pros and cons popped up.

She shook her head and typed in free sex. She prayed fervently that her search wouldn’t suddenly appear as ads. “Crazy algorithms.” She muttered. Furo checked her phone every night, and she made it a priority to clear her search history, even when all she searched was food recipes and life hacks for mothers. Social media was not permitted.

Free sex showed a list of porn sites and suggestions for high definition porn videos with the promise of various sex positions. The porn for women tickled Heidi’s fancy, but she shrunk from it, a little petrified.

Finally, she inputted, ‘Hook up sites in Houston.’ Soon, she was pushed into a vortex of red and white web pages and texts that promised love, companionship, adult dating, free sex and even marriage. Before long, she had set up an account with one of them and uploaded a profile picture. It was a cropped picture. Beside her smiling face framed by expensive Bolivian hair was Furo’s grim profile. She had cropped him off with the slash of editing, and it was almost symbolic. She was indeed cutting him out of this new, thrilling sexual escapade she was about to embark on. She threw herself on the bed and giggled like she was 18, and a member of one of the bad girl gang in her class that she had strictly shunned once.

Heidi began to bloom like a flower in the days that followed. A man had indicated interest just an hour after she had completed her profile. When she saw it, she had shut the phone in fear, and when she regained herself, she cleared her entire search history.

She looked forward to returning to her phone, as she went about other businesses. Furo was oblivious to this new change, and life went on as usual. When everyone had stepped out the next morning, she resumed her delve into the world of adult dating.

She loved to text him naked. It had become a ritual of some sort, and the esoterism tickled her fancy. He asked sultry questions and with every exchange, her hairy pussy came alive with a warm fluid announcing its hunger.

Some days, she refused to go back to her phone. The gravity of her new found freedom would weigh down on her shoulders like boulders. Like a sacrilege. An anathema. But she couldn’t stay away for too long.

He asked her about books she had read, what she did for a living and her level of education. A hot flush rose to Heidi’s cheeks, and she typed the truth with hands that trembled. Being a wife and a mother was everything she had ever known, and she was tired of conforming. She didn’t want to die this way.

As if the reply had impressed him greatly, he finally asked if they could meet.

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