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Forget calories. THIS controls your fat-burning powers...


“It’s simple.  Just eat less, and exercise more,” the trainer told his client at the gym.

If I got a dollar every time I heard that, I’d be a gazillionaire right now.

I mean... if fat-loss were REALLY that simple... wouldn’t more people be thin?

Sadly, his one-size-fits-all advice is common in the fitness and diet industry.

And judging by the amount of people struggling with yo-yo weight loss roller coasters, it’s not working.

Because it totally IGNORES the obvious fact (that we all know) and that’s two people can eat the same things every day, even exercise the same amount…

Same food, same calories, same exercise program -- yet VERY different results.

We’ve got got a Skinny Ricky and a Slim Sarah in our lives.  “Those people” that can whatever they want and not gain any fat.

One of my best friends Skinny Ricky can devour 2 boxes of macaroni and cheese drink 6 beers a day and still rock a six pack.

It didn’t make sense until I read this new research.

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