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First Steps In Building A New Horse Barn

Let's begin with what style barn would best suit your needs. Most Aisleway Horse Barns -- whether they are raised center aisle, gable or gambrel -- need a fairly wide area to allow for the width of the aisle, the stalls on each side, and additional room for any desired turnouts. Aisleway horse barns are great for colder climates, as you can close up the aisle way doors and have a weather-protected area to care for your horses out of the elements. On the other hand, a Shedrow Barn has a more open feel and is great for warmer climates. The shedrow overhang gives the feeling of being outside, yet still provides shade from the sun and rain.

Once you have decided on your barn style, the next step is to determine what size barn you need. Of course you will want stalls for your horses, but what about a space for your tack? Do you want a wash area? And let's not forget, do you need a space for hay and grain? These are just a few of the things that you will want to consider during the design process.

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Starting to feel overwhelmed? Please, don't! Our design and sales staff will help you perfect all the tiny details, making sure your final design is just as you imagine. All Castlebrook barn quotes are itemized and include a design layout, making it easy to see what your new barn will look like and what is included in the proposal.

Once everything is dialed in and the barn of your dreams has been designed, we then transfer those details over to a contract for your review and signature. Once you are happy with the contract and design, the signed paperwork and a deposit are then required to move on to the next step.

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