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Finding The Right Vape Flavour for You

Find a vape flavour profile that suited your taste.


At this juncture, you may have tried a handful of e-juices and learned more about their ingredients—it's time to know exactly what you want! Keep in mind that it isn't just about opting for a bold, rich flavour for an intense vaping session or a simple, mild taste for day-to-day use. You also have to factor in the experience you want to achieve and the vaping trick you'll use. Is it mouth-to-lung vaping for allowing the vapour to stay in your mouth or sub-ohm vaping for producing large clouds of vapour? The bottom line here is to know what you want, and that will make all the difference!

One of the most significant enjoyment vapers get out of vaping is exploring a wide range of e-liquids that can sate the taste buds in more ways than one. Whether you’re craving for a refreshing hit with minty e-juices, sticking to the classic with tobacco-inspired flavours, or indulging in your sweet tooth with sugary creations, all these can influence and enhance your vaping experience.


Test different vape flavours to find your favourite.


Although one of the great things about vaping is the different flavours to choose from, this can make picking that first flavour a bit tricky. Thinking about the type of flavour you want can also help and we’ve listed a few of the different types of flavours we have on offer below:


With so many flavour options, it can be tough to decide on the right one for you. Do you want something that will effectively emulate the experience of smoking tobacco cigarettes? Or maybe the fresh flavours of menthol are your favourite? Perhaps you’re after something completely different? With our selection of sweet and fruity flavours, you’ll be spoiled for choice! If you’re struggling to pick, our team can be reached on the phone or by webchat and will be able to advise you using their extensive knowledge of our product range to make sure you get the best vape!


Choose a vape flavour that is compatible with your nicotine level.


First of all, you’ll need to decide what flavour you want and, more specifically, what type of flavour you want. There are a few obvious choices with familiar flavours such as Tobacco and Menthol e-liquids, but when it comes to the newer tastes it can hard to decide what’ll make your perfect vape.


Choose the right nicotine strength and type for your equipment. Larger vaping devices always work best with lower nicotine strengths, and smaller vaping devices generally work best with higher nicotine strengths. If you use a very small device, you’ll probably want to buy nicotine salts. That’s because nic salts allow lower-output vape starter kits to provide greater satisfaction and throat hit.


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