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Fashion Clothing: Top 5 Ways to Take Control

For The Love Of Women's Fashion Clothing

Do you love fashion? Well, I love fashion and so many a time I go on fashion clothing shopping sprees. Often I am left with loads of unwanted clothes that either does not fit right, are uncomfortable, or I cannot wear them now. This highlights the importance of building a wardrobe that's right for you and your lifestyle. Here are my top five tips on how you can take control of your wardrobe and create an easy and affordable outfit every day:

The Checklist Method

I usually write out all the clothes, shoes and accessories I have. It helps me plan what goes in the wardrobe for specific weather conditions or events. After that, I check if everything is still in good condition to be worn or not. If not, I put them aside and sell them or give them to my younger sister. The remaining wearable clothes are then arranged by color, fit, and how often I wear them. I also donate some of the extra clothes to charity and dispose of the worn-out ones.


Smart Shopping

I use to scour the internet for my favorite women's fashion clothing boutiques. Through this, I can bypass the middleman and save money by avoiding coupons or spending hours looking for a coupon code online. I shop in an online clothing boutique called UtonMarie. The boutique offers excellent after-sales services like express delivery.


The Get Creative Method

If you've got a big event coming up, why not try some do-it-yourself (DIY) projects on your existing clothes? It can be as simple as using lace to decorate an outfit or as complicated as dying it with food coloring. It is an excellent way of saving money, and you will feel like an artist when it comes outright.


The Highlight Method

If you have a few pieces that stand out, use them as a starting point to build an outfit. You will end up creating standout looks that you can repeat from time to time. You can use layering to highlight any outfit.


Clothing layers are crucial to creating interest in any look. Layer different textures or combine light pieces with heavy ones to make a look more exciting. Less is More- There's no need to go overboard. Stick with one focal point per outfit; you can always add more pieces, but taking items away is challenging. Highlighting helps you to cut down your wardrobe to a manageable size.


The Timeless Look

I think the most important way is to pick timeless clothes that you can wear repeatedly. No matter what trend is happening right now, do not go for it if it doesn't suit your style. For example, if you're not comfortable in bodycon dresses or super short shorts, do not buy them just because they are trendy. Also, do not buy so many things that you cannot wear soon. Focus on quality over quantity and invest in pieces that will be long-lasting. If you stick to this look, your wardrobe will transcend decades.


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