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Hair dyes are soluble substances or liquid preparations used for dyeing, accentuating or coloring hair. Fanola Canada different hair colors added or subtracted from normal hair colors will produce various shades and shades.


French chemist Eugene Scheuller dyed his hair for the first time in 1909 based on a chemical called p-phenylenediamine. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are the main components of any hair dye. The color produced by hydrogen peroxide is long-lasting, and ammonia and hydrogen peroxide will penetrate into the skin after mixing.


Choosing the best shadow or highlight depends on various factors. It all depends on facial shape, skin tone, hairstyle, facial expression, eye color, hair length and personal taste. These colors can be various shades and intensities. Depending on the intensity or hue, the color can be warm or cool. Warm tones are shades of orange, red and yellow, and cool tones are shades of blue, purple and green. People who are cool should not use warm colors, as this may reduce their functionality. The best shades for cool people are purple orchid, burgundy and lipstick red. People who are born warm are best to use simple golden highlights and golden blonde hair.

Fanola Hair Color Canada

The soft tones are suitable for people with olive and medium skin tones, and there is no pink to light pink on the cheeks. Warm skin types include medium-skinned brown skin with pink or golden undertones. The choice between warm and cool colors also depends on the color of the eyes. The colors for cold eyes are dark brown, fuzzy gray and dark blue, and colors for warm eyes are golden brown, green and hazel. These days there are even hair color charts on the market. This Fanola Hair Color charts can be used as a guide to help choose color.


According to function and personal taste, various hair dye colors can be used in different hair dyeing styles or methods. The different types of hair colors from Fanola Canada.


The temporary color contains neither peroxide nor ammonia. After one shampoo, it only covers the cuticle and the color fades.


Semi-permanent color are specifically for people with gray hair accounting for 20%. These colors blend naturally with the hair and fade after a week or a month.


Semi-permanent colors include a small amount of peroxide, but do not contain ammonia. These can also be used to blend gray for about two months or more.


The permanent color is a color with peroxide and ammonia. These colors last a long time and need to be applied every 4-6 weeks. Permanent color is deposited in the cortex.


Among men and women in India, regardless of age, coloring and highlighting hair are the most common trends. Dyeing is the coloring of the entire hair, and dyeing only highlights a few hairs. The highlighted shadows are usually very bright and have a metallic tone. It is common to add highlights to the base color to give size and depth. Different shades are used for different types of Fanola Hair Color. There are many shades that look best on light backgrounds, but the highlight colors for dark hair are very selective and require more attention. Dark hair requires initial use of bleach to prevent dryness.


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