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Faithing it From The Core: Overcoming Challenges in Rural Virginia

Charlotte County, Virginia: Love Over Crisis LLC takes a denial and redirects their focus to providing office spaces for much needed services. On April 11, 2022 at the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors meeting Love Over Crisis request for a Zoning Amendment to open a Temporary Emergency Housing Program was denied unanimously. 


The Department of Social Services Director explained that staff was working around the clock 24/7 and she felt the resources and limited services would be a barrier. She expressed her willingness to do whatever she had to do if the Board decided to allow the zoning amendment. The Sheriff Department explained that they were short staff and felt they were unable to support the housing program because of the fear of delayed responses if an emergency happened. However, they are in support of more services coming into Charlotte County.


Community Action Agencies, STEPS, INC., and Tri County Community Action Agency, PAPSA Coalition, and others wrote letters in support of the Zoning Amendment change that weren't read during the Board of Supervisors meeting. The letters were read at the previous Planning Commission meeting. Yet, one letter of denial was read during both meetings that was written by an individual who has a property in the County.


Love Over Crisis owner wrote a response to staff and their support team on social media saying, "THANK YOU for those who support our goals of providing solutions and filling in the gaps big and small...we believe we are doing our part to present opportunity for growth and change. With God's lead and your support we are sure that this is only the beginning of the things we will succeed in doing in Charlotte County and the counties we serve. With JOY we congratulate our staff and supporters for doing God's will and standing up for what is right. It's unfortunate change doesn't come easy but there is a saying that goes "It ain't over until God says it is over" Keep praying and STAY POSITIVE."


"This isn't the first time an organization in rural Virginia has been denied to help the undeserved populations however each time will become harder and harder to justify" said Shelley Mays-Couch, owner of Love Over Crisis.


Love Over Crisis' owner explained that she was given the incorrect septic information from the County's Health Department during the time the property was purchased, when asked for the correct paperwork she was told Charlotte County Health Department was unable to locate any paperwork for the septic system and it was indicated that it was common. In addition to renovation and septic cost. Love Over Crisis is Faithing It From The Core to obtain a building permit to get the building in top shape to bring much needed services to Charlotte County and continue providing services to surrounding counties. If you will like to give to support Love Over Crisis please mail checks to P.O. Box 37 Farmville, Virginia 23901.


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