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Facts on choosing a good print company in Singapore

Who doesn’t wear T-shirts? It’s safe to say the majority do. And if you need your own t-shirts printed, you’ll find various printers in Singapore. What sets each printer apart from their competitors is the quality of their print. Of course, you’ll go where you’ll be assured of a great output. So, how do you choose a good print company in Singapore?


Here are facts you need to consider, especially if you’re planning to design your own t-shirt.


  1. Word-of-mouth matters. Gather recommendations from people whose opinion you trust. This can be your family or friends. You can also ask your coworkers or people you know that might have already used t-shirt printing services before. Learn about their personal experiences as they worked with the printer. See if they’ll be hiring the same team again in the future. Take note of companies that achieved customer satisfaction. You’ll want an easy and smooth transaction, too.


  1. A full-service printing company gives you more bang for your buck. Hire a full-service printing company as they’re more capable of giving you fair and competitive pricing. Their extensive network enables them to score materials at a better price. And they’re able to pass on savings they’re making to their customers. And if that’s not enough, they also offer tips on how you can keep your printing costs low. You might even notice that they make these tips readily available on their website.


  1. A full-service printing company makes transactions more convenient. Aside from printing on shirts, they also print on caps, jackets, polo shirts and more. They even offer customised apparels and corporate gifts. Should you need these services in the future, you already know which company to contact. And since you’re a repeat customer, you might just earn discounts. To make things a lot easier, they also share details of their order procedure online. They love to keep things simple and hassle-free for their clients.


  1. Customer service matters more than the prints. This may sound contradictory as you’re after a good printing company, in the first place. However, no matter how great their prints are, if they don’t deal with their clients properly, then chances are you’ll still feel stressed. You want someone that is easy to talk to, responds to your concerns immediately and makes themselves available even after your project is already turned over. If they’re difficult to contact, move on to your other options.


  1. Print quality is better assessed in person. Prints can look different on screen. Find the time to visit the printing company. Check the quality of their prints and even the fabrics they use.  Ask as well about their quality assurance procedure. Find out how they ensure only high-quality t-shirt prints reach you. Take this opportunity to meet the members of the team and see them in action. Visit multiple printers so you can later compare your findings and observations.


Choosing a good t-shirt printing company will take some time, but once you find the best option, your efforts will surely pay off. You’ll get value for your money, be treated like a VIP, and most importantly, be able to rest easy knowing your project is taken care of by the pros.


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