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Every woman has the right to get beautiful nails. But traveling to a nail salon can be time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, sitting in a crowded nail salon is not the only way to manicure. With the right nail products, you can get a professional manicure without leaving the house. Here are some basic Nail Supplies for perfect do-it-yourself manicure.

Beautiful nails start with keeping the nails and epidermis healthy. Therefore, cuticle remover, nail hardener, polish and nail color are all necessary nail products for DIY manicure. The cuticle remover softens the stratum corneum, so it can easily remove dead skin. Nail polish remover can remove old nail polish from nails. Nail hardeners can strengthen and protect nails. Polishing gives nails a salon-like appearance.

No longer need to shuttle through the chaotic cupboard to find misplaced Nail Supplies. The portable nail station provides you with a convenient and organized place to store nail polish, cotton balls and wax remover. Some nail stations are even equipped with small holders that can support your hands and make manicure easier.

Nail Polish Supplies Vancouver

Before you start applying polish on your nails, you need to choose the right color. My first suggestion is to use the colors you really like, without following any rules of thumb about color selection. Having said that, I usually follow some guidelines to choose the right color. The first is where are you going? When is it for daily use, neutral tones are a good choice. These are perfect for weekdays and professional events. If this is a more relaxing and fun activity, then just do it. It is also a good idea to match the lip color and the color you plan to wear. However, the best way is to trust your instincts and choose the colors you really like. I personally like chrome the most, it gives my nails a sexy shine.

Remove all remaining old nail polish to the New Nail Polish Vancouver. You can wipe it quickly with a cotton ball and wipe each nail thoroughly. By removing any old polish, you can ensure an even coating.

Support the table firmly with both hands to make sure it won't shake, and then start painting your nails with primer. First brush the middle of the nail first, then brush the sides. This will provide a uniform coating. It's a good idea to start with the smallest fingers and toes, and work on the big fingers and toes. This prevents you from replying on any newly painted nails.

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