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ERP Software Solution For Fleet Management in Africa, Nigeria


3GL- TOP Fleet Management Software in Africa

With the advent of the eresource fleet management ERP, the confrontation facing the fleet industry witnessed dawn and rapid changes. With a reputation as a pioneer, eresource develops such extensive and comprehensive software for the fleet and transportation industry. This ERP for fleet management is Nigeria's most advanced fleet management ERP, which can help business grow and guarantee a return on investment.

ERP Software Solution For Fleet Management

Affordable and user-friendly fleet ERP system

3GL is a user-friendly vehicle or ERP Software Solution For Fleet Management that transforms small and medium-sized fleet/transportation management organizations into large, successful companies with guaranteed return on investment. The fleet erp system provides a functional and reliable solution for all vehicle operations, trucks, cars and other commercial vehicles, regardless of the strength of the user-organized fleet. It helps to overcome administrative costs, accidental damage repairs, and downtime for neglected fleets and equipment. It is a fleet of maintenance history, fuel usage, driver details and asset management, inventory, LR and off-the-shelf resources related to motor vehicle operators and other mechanical assets. 3GL is a powerful and affordable fleet management ERP that allows users to easily create personal vehicle configuration and maintenance plans.


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