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Emailers Alert! Here's a List of 250 Spam Trigger Words to Avoid in 2022

There’s a shift which the email marketing world is experiencing. Earlier in this ever so evolving field marketers would disregard the proportion of their email which were being labeled as spam because they were a very small number considering the volume of emails which was sent and more importantly “opened”. But now, when you factor in the fact that only 21.5% of the emails get opened then one just cannot profitably allow 14.7% of your emails to be spammed by filters (average percentage of total emails catched by spam filters).

The way these spam filters work is that there are certain trigger words which are embedded in their programming and these filters then look for those trigger words in your email’s title, subject, and body. If you don’t want to let your emails be trashed in someone’s spam box then here’s a list of words you should definitely avoid.


Usually spam trigger words can be categorized into six categories :

  • Manipulative - words that create unwarranted urgency.
  • Needy - words that show intense desperation.
  • Sleazy - words that are usually sexual in nature.
  • Cheap - words that portray an easy road to success.
  • Far-fetched - words that claim unprecedented advancements.
  • Shady - words that make the email legally questionable.


Manipulative :

It isn’t considered the best of practices to create unnecessary urgency amongst your potential readers. It is also prime to separate the organic way of creating urgency through your email content and the product/service that you are offering and writing “urgency” in the email content. In this business, the former takes precedence.

1. Access now

2. Act now

3. Act Immediately

4. Action Required

5. Apply now

6. Apply online

7. Buy

8. Buy now

9. Buy direct

10. Can’t live without

11. Call

12. Call now

13. Click here

14. Clearance

15. Deal ending soon

16. Do it now

17. Do it today

18. Don’t delete

19. Don’t hesitate

20. Drastically reduced

21. Exclusive deal

22. Get it now

23. Get it today

24. Get started now

25. Hurry up

26. Important information regarding

27. Instant

28. Limited time

29. New customers only

30. Now only

31. Offer expires

32. Once in a lifetime

33. One time

34. Order now

35. Order today

36. Please read

37. Special promotion

38. Take action

39. Take action now

40. This won’t last

41. Urgent

42. While stocks last

43. While supplies last

Needy :

Potential readers and customers today are requiring immediate value when they look at your subject. If the subject is filled with exorbitant claims about the product instead of actually trying to help the reader understand the product, then there's a high chance there will be no reader to your email.

44. 100%

45. 50% off

46. All-new

47. Bargain

48. Best price

49. Bonus

50. Digital marketing

51. Direct marketing

52. Email marketing

53. Fantastic deal

54. Free access

55. Free consultation

56. Free hosting

57. Free gift

58. Free trial

59. Have you been turned down?

60. Giving away

61. Great offer

62. Join millions of Americans

63. Incredible deal

64. Prize

65. Promise you

66. Pure profit

67. Satisfaction guaranteed

68. Will not believe your eyes


Sleazy :

Because spam filters are made universally and they don’t take into consideration the individual preferences of a user, anything sexually provocative is immediately flagged by the system. If you are operating a dating site then this might be an issue for you, but you can get around this problem by letting your potential customers know that they can form a connection through your website other than just bluntly suggesting sexual accomplishments.

69. Cutie

70. Hot babes

71. Hottie

72. Kinky

73. Mature

74. Meet girls

75. Meet singles

76. Meet women

77. Sex

78. Sexy babes

79. Steamy


Cheap :

Spam filters do not like another thing which is lack of competition. It is a common mindset to make customers feel that this is a deal which no one can get but it really comes around as cheap for the filters. This is done to avoid people falling prey to “Get Rich Quick” schemes. Here’s some words to avoid that will make your email look cheap.

80. Acceptance

81. Access

82. Avoid bankruptcy

83. Boss

84. Cancel

85. Card accepted

86. Certified

87. Very Cheap

88. Compare

89. Compare rates

90. Congratulations

91. Credit card offers

92. Cures

93. Dear [personalization variable]

94. Dear friend

95. Drastically reduced

96. Easy terms

97. Free grant money

98. Free hosting

99. Free info

100. Free membership

101. Friend

102. Get out of debt

103. Giving away

104. Guarantee

105. Guaranteed

106. Have you been turned down?

107. Hello

108. Information you requested

109. Join thousands

110. No age restrictions

111. No catch

112. No experience

113. No obligation

114. No purchase necessary

115. No questions asked

116. No strings attached

117. Offer

118. Opportunity

119. Save big

120. Winner

121. Winning

122. Win big

123. Won

124. You are a winner

125. You’ve been selected!


Far-fetched :

Phrases like 0% risk, 100% free are absolute red flags for the spam filters. If you try to sell a lie, spam filters won’t allow you to do it. And far-fetched is very close to lying for spam filters. The best practice in this case becomes not to oversell anything and focus more on the impact of your product/service rather than trying to sell results directly.

126. 0% risk

127. 100% free

128. 100% more

129. 100% satisfaction

130. Additional income

131. All-natural

132. Amazing

133. At no cost

134. Be your own boss

135. Big bucks

136. Billion

137. Billion dollars

138. Cash

139. Cash bonus

140. Consolidate debt and credit

141. Consolidate your debt

142. Double your income

143. Earn

144. Earn cash

145. Earn extra cash

146. Earn per week

147. Eliminate bad credit

148. Eliminate debt

149. Extra

150. Fantastic deal

151. Fast cash

152. Fast money

153. Financial freedom

154. Financially independent

155. Free investment

156. Free money

157. Full refund

158. Get paid

159. Get out of debt

160. Get rid of debt

161. Home

162. Home-based

163. Increase Income

164. Increase sales

165. Increase traffic

166. Lose

167. Lose weight

168. Make money

169. Money back

170. No catch

171. No credit check

172. No fees

173. No hidden costs

174. No investment

175. No purchase required

176. No questions asked

177. No strings attached

178. Online business opportunity

179. Potential earnings

180. Pure profit

181. Removes wrinkles

182. Reverses aging

183. Risk-free

184. Satisfaction guaranteed

185. Serious cash

186. Stop snoring

187. Vacation

188. Vacation offers

189. Weekend getaway

190. Weight loss

191. While you sleep

192. Work from home


Shady :

It is not hidden from anyone that there are gullible individuals in the world of internet. The Internet has given us access to everything but it also has given everything access to us. Our needs, wants and desires are no longer private to us and everytime we open a web browser to look for something, our data is captured by a data feeding mechanism called cookies. This also means that there are shady individuals who pose as email marketers and try to take advantage of those people, here’s how you can avoid being characterized as a shady individual by spam filters.

193. Addresses

194. Beneficiary

195. Billing

196. Casino

197. Celebrity

198. Cheap meds

199. Collect child support

200. Compete for your business

201. Congratulations

202. Copy DVDs

203. Cures baldness

204. Diet

205. Fast Viagra delivery

206. Growth hormone

207. Hidden

208. Human growth hormone

209. In accordance with laws

210. Instant weight loss

211. Investment

212. Junk

213. Legal

214. Life insurance

215. Loan

216. Lottery

217. Luxury car

218. Medicine

219. Message contains

220. Miracle

221. Money

222. Multi-level marketing

223. Nigerian

224. No medical exams

225. No refunds

226. Offshore

227. Online degree

228. Online pharmacy

229. Passwords

230. Refinance

231. Request

232. Rolex

233. Score

234. Social security number

235. Spam

236. Stops snoring

237. This is an ad

238. This isn’t spam

239. This isn’t junk

240. Undisclosed recipient

241. University diplomas

242. Unsecured credit

243. Unsolicited

244. US dollars

245. Valium

246. Viagra

247. Vicodin

248. Warranty

249. We are legal

250. Xanax


The key is in being subtle. One may think, if we are to not use these above ways, how can we advertise efficiently? Exaggeration is necessary, isn't it? Well, not quite. The way emailing works in the current scenario, you have to focus more on value addition rather than a quick way to success formula, for your own business as well as how you market to people out there.


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