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Eco-Friendly & Impact Resistant Phone Cases

There are several phone cases available in the market offering a wide range of options to the consumer. With that said, www.ThePoetFriend.Com, a Canadian based online phone case boutique is not afraid to propel its niche in the category of eco-friendly & sustainable phone cases, phone cases with discreet card holder, Air Pod cases and phone accessories.


The online boutique was launched with a desire to make an indefinite difference in the lives of the people thus building a brand that believes in not just selling desirable cases for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy but inspire people through their designs and the power of words that so eloquently embrace their phone cases. Isn’t that amazing? Seeking comfort during distressing times can alleviate mental and emotional stress. Who would have thought these phone cases can be a great tool to relieve our anxiety or in many ways inspire and motivate us to have a better day.

What’s even better is the fact that with every sale acquired, a portion of the sale goes towards the charity the customers choose from a list of the non-profit organizations available whose mission, actions and foundation align very much with ThePoetFriend.Com values and beliefs: Some of the charities they give back to include:

  • It Gets Better Canada
  • The BC SPCA
  • Save the Children Ukraine (Save the children)
  • Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Additionally, their customers have the power to offset carbon with their purchase by going green, making them feel great for taking the right action.

They offer international shipping to most countries and a great customer experience. Their online store is worth a look if you are shopping around for a new phone case that speaks your mind.


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