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Divorce can be a stressful time for everyone. There are many raw emotions to deal with, maybe even the thoughts of a child, and on top of that, you have to investigate a divorce attorney. While divorce lawyers aren't cheap, they can help ease the stress of a complete breakup, where all parties are fully taken care of.


Making sure you find the right divorce attorney means finding one who makes you feel comfortable throughout the process. Getting advice about a divorce lawyer from a friend who has been through a divorce can sometimes help. However, every situation is different, so it is crucial to interview some divorce attorneys before deciding on the right one for you.


When interviewing with a divorce attorney, there are a few questions that will give you a good basis for your final decision.


Initial Consultation - Free or Charged

Before you go in person to meet with your prospective divorce attorney, check to see if they charge for an initial consultation. In large cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, divorce attorneys charge a small fee for the initial consultation. While this practice shouldn't prevent you from meeting with an attorney, think twice about interviewing with a Divorce Attorney Near Me who can charge a substantial amount for an initial consultation. These attorneys can sometimes specialize in high-profile divorces, and unless you are, you probably don't need their expertise.


Divorce Law Specialist or Generalist

It's important to ask if the divorce attorney you choose only practices divorce law, or if this is just part of their overall practice. If they don't specialize in divorce law, ask them to give you real examples of divorced clients (respecting confidentiality, of course). If they've only dealt with a divorce or two before, be extra picky about other aspects of the interview.


If you have children involved in a divorce, it can also be helpful to ask if you are certified in family law. There are many different aspects of family law that vary from state to state. Making sure your Divorce Attorney Near Me is fully qualified will ensure you get the best for your child.


Fees and Total Costs

Legal fees are often very expensive. However, in your interview, you are asked to provide a full breakdown of your fee structure. This is essential to avoid being charged a hidden fee at the end of the divorce process. Many divorce attorneys charge by the hour. Some even charge by the minute, so find out how your prospective divorce attorney charges.


Also, investigate whether you were "at work" the moment your prospective divorce attorney picked up the phone. Find out if you'll be charged for the phone calls you ask quick questions, such as "Did you send me documents to sign?"


Payments are also common in the legal world. This is a fee charged to the customer for a certain amount of money for copying, faxing, mailing, etc. While all of this is necessary, don't be afraid to ask your prospective attorney about the matter, especially if you have a simple case.


Ask your prospective divorce attorney for a total fee figure. Most divorce attorneys you interview will find this question difficult to answer. Find a lawyer who asks detailed questions about your specific situation. Their thoroughness in your interview will give you an idea of ​​how thoroughly they handled your divorce. At the end of the interview, you should have a rough estimate of the total cost and leave enough room for unforeseen additional expenses. Asking these main questions during the interview will ensure you choose the right divorce attorney in Queens, New York, or any other city here :

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