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We have recently become victims of a scam wherein Nittoo Singh the owner of has ordered to design their website from the scratch for a total cost of $1500.

He paid $1100 to start the project and complete the development in 45 days. We created the mock up design and upon approval, we completed the rest of the job and delivered before the deadline. Once everything was done, He along with his brother, Manbir Singh came to our office and wanted to start again with a completely new design and single layout. This is something to do the entire task twice. To satisfy the customer, we did it without even asking for any additional money. Besides, the agreement was to develop 40 pages but they asked above 60 and we did that as well for the same price. This is not the all as they kept on adding more and more new features beyond what was agreed and we kept on doing as a gesture of goodwill.

When all changes were done, we did follow up to accept the project and release the balance amount. Now he started playing with us. Making the payment was far away from reality; he even didn’t think of responding our emails in time. We had to make many follow ups and wait for weeks to get a response from him. However, he will never forget to come up with excuses for not being able to respond us in a timely manner. Sometimes the delay was because of his daughter’s birthday and some other time he was busy with his customers. All these excuses were fine till they were not affecting our work and finance. But he will cunningly went on adding new features with no money and no required input. In this way he took about six months to get the project completed.

During New year holidays, Nittoo wanted to make the website live while our staff were on New year vacation. We confess there was a  delay of 48 hours to respond his email and with this he started abusing the entire team who was working so patiently and diligently for him for the last six months. Especially to one of our lady staff who used to attend his call. Probably he was drunk!!!

We believe being ethical and work professionally for our clients. This was a kind of first incidence for us. So it was beyond our tolerance and escalated the case to the higher management of our company to decide. Our management decided not to involve any lady staff where we have to work with such a unprofessional person and strictly warned Nittoo Singh not to contact any of our lady staff and abuse them for any reason.

It was a very correct and stringent decision from our side and with this Nitto Singh, the so called ethical business owner of got angry and charged back, took back all money he had paid for the work as it is quite easy to get refunded using Amex. He didn’t even stop posting fabricated reviews in many online websites.

We discussed all that had happened over phone and they wanted to go for a meeting in person. As scheduled, his wife Ginni who is a nice lady came to our office with Manbir and asked apologies for all that was not good. They meet the lady staff as well and requested to excuse Nittoo for his unprofessional reaction over phone. Our management asked Ginni to remove all those fabricated reviews from the online portals which she never agreed as Nitto’s post in spite of the proofs given to ensure it was none other than a defamation from Nittoo only.

Secondly, the initial agreement was for $1500 and we had never asked for any additional money in spite of the additional work done. But Ginni is putting us an allegation that, we have asked for more money. All the communications over Basecamp and email were there with us. We can disclose them all if needed to prove our statement as true. But such a kind of false allegation is neither good for her nor for her clients.

With all such downs, they asked to provide the source code of the website. We developed the website from the scratch and the chargeback has left us with no money from them.  Now, how come we can deliver the source codes without getting paid for the work? Nowhere in the universe it is accepted that the site codes have to be delivered before getting a single dollar from your client.

Eventually, she claims that we do not have a USA presence. There is nothing to prove where we are. Because we are into the business since 2000 and they are pretty new. There are many dissatisfied customers and negative reviews available since 2014 for their credit. So beware of Nitto Singh,  and businesses like this. They are looking for opportunities and any time you may come under their illusion by losing money, reputation and mental peace.

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