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Disposable Vapes are The New Way to Smoke

They are convenient, affordable, and perfect for those who want to try vaping without investing in a more expensive and long-term product, meaning that you never again have to worry about changing coils or buying so many bottles of e-liquid that you never know what to do with them!

MYTTHS Lite Bar Disposables vape are the best disposable vapes on the market because they offer 600 puffs of vapor, which is more than any other disposable vape on the market. MYTTHS also offers a variety of flavors that can't be found anywhere else in the UK., like our incredibly popular Banana Papaya!

MYTTHS Lite Bars are so good that they are taking over the market in UK and are growing evermore Irresistible to try them out.


The future of disposable vapes is bright with MYTTHS Lite Bar Disposables at the helm.






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