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Customizable Coworking Spaces

Looking for office spaces in Singapore can be an arduous task, especially when you are looking for a good location, suitable size, and an acceptable rental rate. For smaller outfits of around 3 to 5 people in a company, a traditional office space might be expensive and unnecessary in size.

More often than not, many companies end up with under-utilized space and high overhead cost for their lease. Fortunately, with the rise of customizable coworking spaces, this problem is alleviated through their ability to cater to specific needs for a workspace.


Customisable coworking spaces are the modern-day solution to office headaches such as size, amenities and administration. Essentially, the customizability refers to the ability to customise the space according to the needs of the business. If you are thinking of scaling up, customisable coworking spaces would allow you to move from a studio fit for 5 people to probably a fully furnished suite fit for 40 swiftly. This customizability allows you to take your mind off any

worries regarding insufficient space during projects with an influx of temporary hires. When the additional headcount is no longer needed, you can scale back to a smaller studio seamlessly.


Coworking spaces often provide a full list of facilities and services. Most would include meeting rooms, printing facilities and mail handling services as part of the rental cost of the space. This helps you to take your mind off sourcing for that large table for the meeting room or the

perfect 3-in-1 copier for your traditional office. Furthermore, with daily housekeeping services provided, it ensures that someone is in-charge of maintaining the cleanliness of your office.


If you have chosen to move into a customisable coworking space, it will definitely ease your mind regarding issues like the size of the space or the management of your office. Unnecessary worrying depletes productivity. With spaces like Gather Cowork providing a full range of facilities and services as well as the option to move from spaces as small as 23 square metres fit for 3 to 5 people to a bespoke suite that accommodates 15 to 40 people, we can guarantee, your office headaches will soon be a thing of the past.

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