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Customised Payment Options - Why Your Business Needs A Solid Solution

Payment options are not the same for all businesses. Each business requires customised solutions to their payment options. Some merchants whose customers prefer to use cryptocurrencies will require a payment gateway with the security intact to satisfy such requests, while other merchants need fast and reliable credit and debit card payment solutions. 

Here is some advice: —

Don’t settle

If you have been doing business for a while now or even if you’re a start-up, you should never just accept the payment option you have when there are other more updated payment option versions out there to suit your customers. 


If you settle on a certain type of payment option, you may open yourself up to fraud, more chargebacks and a slower turnaround than what your customers (the online shoppers of today) are used to experiencing. — According to Forbes, a recent survey showed that the rate of card abandonment is sitting at 75%. The reason? Not enough payment options


Don’t lose

You will lose, undoubtedly; that is, if you continue to use old payment options that no longer please customers today. Remember that today’s customer is not the same as the customer a decade ago. Times have changed and technology has improved tremendously regarding payment options. 


Chargebacks can cause great losses for your business, even if you aren’t a high-risk merchant. Lessen these chargebacks with better tactics, which payment processing companies like Paypound has, to offer you better payment options. Also, a built-in anti-fraud prevention package is what you should really be looking to integrate with your website.


Don’t spend more

Payment processing companies are not difficult to find – but with this easy access comes the problem of finding the right payment processing company to provide your business with the right payment options – the customised payment options and solutions. 


Most of them have set packages and you must simply choose one that ‘sort of’ fits your business. — Not with Paypound. With us, we listen to you and investigate your business’s needs to ensure a hands-on approach with a payment options that particularly suits your business and the customers you serve.


In the end, you want a payment solutions company that is there for you 24/7 and one that has the capability, reputation and experience to manage your high-risk or low-risk merchant account with efficacy and professionalism, with many payment options. Also, you do not want to pay for unnecessary fees or to receive a bill at the end of the month with codes and numbers you do not understand. 


At Paypound, we provide a completely customized solution, with easy integration and support that is real and in real-time. 


Contact us today for a customised payment solution for your business, whatever your business is – and in so doing, become part of the online community, growing your customer base by the thousands with our various payment options.


What your customers think?

Online companies often pay too much attention to other aspects of their business and the services or products they offer and end up missing out on the right payment option or gateway through which these products or services can be purchased. — In a word, this is the “customer”, and as much as a business tries to be excellent, without the customer, there is no business. 


With this in mind, if we concentrate on the customer, what can we learn?

Customers want better payment options. They need your website to offer a customised processing option and solution so that they have the convenience to purchase the way they want. It’s all about the customer, and the sooner this is understood, the better your business will be. Profits will increase, repeat business will become a norm, and the expansion of your business will be greater than you imagined—all thanks to better payment options.


How do you go about customising your payment options?

Consulting company Bain & Co provided some insight into the recent research they conducted about the customer. This is what they summarised: — “they [consumers] spend more than twice as much through digital channels and tend to shop more often if they use mobile payments. Banks and retailers that move quickly will gain the interest and loyalty of the valuable consumers who are the primary early adopters of mobile payments.”


With this important research, it is clear that your online business needs to change its payment processing structure to include other payment options for processing to suit your customers. 


Your payment options & processing solution

There is a simple way to customise your website to include a payment option and processing solution to enhance your business offering and increase your revenue many-fold. 


Start with a payment processing company—but not the first one you find on google. Do the research and discover which payment solutions company best suits your needs. If you are a high-risk merchant account, you will need the best rates because of the charges involved in processors taking on the risk of your business. For example, Paypound has years’ experience in managing great portfolios for large organisations, giving them long-lasting results with better payment options for payment processing. 


These payment solutions to your business’s needs present your company with alternative payment options for your customers. With a reputable payment processing company like Paypound, you are guaranteed to have the 24/7 support you need, the reliable and safe payment gateway service (with the payment options best suited to your customers’ needs) as well as a built-in anti-fraud mechanism to ensure your website and business are protected against fraudsters and other malfunctions. 


Words from a respected person in the payments processing industry

Sulabh Agarwal, the MD of Global Payments, announced his findings regarding the post-Covid-19 situation for businesses respecting payment solutions: he said:


“The overall impact of COVID-19 won’t be known for months—if not years. The global economy may look very different when we get back to ‘normal’. The payments industry will have a key role to play in revamping the economy. Opportunities will include:


  • Replacing cash and cheques with digital payments systems
  • Building infrastructure to support more merchants working remotely
  • Adopting digital currencies into universal payments solutions
  • Embracing cloud-based infrastructure, automation and analytics to reimagine scale.”


How will this benefit you?

The benefits outweigh any investment you provide. The statistics and the numbers do not lie. With better payment options, your customers will be able make purchases with ease. — Furthermore, with a better processing payment option and solution, all transactions will be seamless, in real time, and will greatly ensure your customers are happy. The convenience alone will ensure your customers have a good experience shopping on your website. 


An increased revenue is the greatest reward for your business, obviously. This then begs the question why there is a question at all for desiring to improve and revamp your online payment processing structure?


If you are serious about fixing your payment processing, making it customised, with alternative payment options to suit your business and your customer base, contact Paypound today and discover the payment options you need to make your business what it ought to be in this day and age. 


Apply today and just see what happens! 


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