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Custom URL Shortener

Are you familiar with the concept of a custom URL shortener? Worry no more! You are in the right place.


It's possible that you haven't had the opportunity to learn all there is to know about a custom URL shortener.

Short, brandable URLs are widely used by companies and publications, especially for content marketing and remarketing purposes.


Relax; we'll explain short URLs and how they might help your company.



What is Custom URL Shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool that takes a lengthy URL and converts it into a shorter version of that URL. When you set up your domain to point to a URL shortener service, you've got a branded URL shortener. You should always use your custom domain when sharing links online instead of employing a nonspecific domain when possible. This will boost the trustworthiness of your links, the visibility of your brand, and the number of people who click on your links.



What Are the Benefits of Custom URL Shorteners?



A short, basic link is much easier to pass along than a long, convoluted one. This is especially important when marketing your website face-to-face or in other situations where your audience cannot physically click the link. A custom URL shortener can assist you in generating a short, unique link that can be typed straight into a cellphone or web browser, which might be useful if you're conducting a PowerPoint presentation or exchanging a link directly with a potential customer.



It has a more simplified appearance.

Even while all URLs have the same foundation, there is great latitude in how they are used. If you're running a social media campaign to increase brand awareness, all your links must have the same length and look.


Instagram biographies, like Twitter bios, benefit from link shortening. They help to maintain visual order on a page that would otherwise be cluttered with images and text.




There is a good chance that your audience members are accustomed to viewing content shared in shortened links. This method is so widespread that they might take note if you publish a URL that hasn't been compressed. Members of the audience accustomed to shorter, cleaner connections may find long-form URLs untidy and disorganized looking.



How Can Custom URL Shortener be Used?


E-commerce marketing

As search engine optimization and social media marketing are crucial channels for generating sales, URL shortening has emerged as a crucial component of e-commerce web pages. Long and perhaps offensive URLs are not ideal for sharing publicly.


People are wary of lengthy URLs that contain a lot of code. Although it can be difficult to remember a long string of numbers and letters, URL shortening services are useful for online retailers looking to establish a consistent brand identity through their URLs. The public ignores generic URLs that are too long.




Affiliate marketing is one of the many methods bloggers and affiliate marketers use to make money online. Yet, most affiliate networks include affiliate URLs that are overly long and complicated, giving the impression that you're trying to hide anything. Bloggers and affiliate marketers have responded to this problem by turning to URL shorteners.




Recruitment firms and HR consultants often utilize shortened URLs to encourage people to click on their links without revealing their identities. There is also the possibility of doing this to increase the number of people that visit their website.




Shortening your links with a URL shortener is a great social media marketing practice, albeit not required. There are several valid reasons for this, such as the previously mentioned ability to streamline your links and monitor clicks and other analytic benefits.


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