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Custom Interactive Indoor Outdoor Kiosk System Providers In Duabi UAE


Interactive Indoor Kiosk

Designed for 24/7 applications, our commercial-grade touchscreen indoor kiosks feature elegant design and functionality for easy self-service and customer interaction. These kiosks can easily replace traditional printed posters/banners or any visual effects that require frequent communication or shouting. These are one-time investments that can immediately bring you a return on your investment.

Kiosk System Providers

Interactive Outdoor Kiosk

Our high-brightness outdoor interactive kiosk is the perfect solution for all outdoor advertising needs. Their unique features such as corrosion protection, theft protection, automatic light sensors for brightness control, intelligent air cooling systems and connections make them the perfect choice for any outdoor location.

Custom Kiosk

The advantage of a custom designed self-service system is that you are free to build a functional and usable system while adding brand-specific elements. Custom kiosks can really be your personal statement.

By designing the concept of a kiosk system from scratch, you can enhance your brand with the look and feel of the unit. Pixcom's team of designers and engineers work together to create the best solution for you. Our engineers can implement advanced features into a system that remains modular and visually appealing.


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