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COVID19 Coronavirus Foreclosure at Ny-Bankruptcy By Ronald D. Weiss

Are You Facing Foreclosure?

The Covid-19 Foreclosure pandemic put many Americans in a tough place.  This virus hit hard in New York right from the start and the leaders of the state shut down foreclosure processes to those who would normally face it.  While there was a moratorium placed on foreclosure filings, when the courts reopened, many of them refused to file any foreclosure action.  If you’ve been impacted by COVID-19 and your mortgage lender is threatening to process foreclosure action against you, it might be time for you to contact the team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. and let them help you.


Unable to Pay; Don’t Get Foreclosed On

During this time of national crisis, many courts have stopped allowing lenders to file foreclosure documents to ensure borrowers could have more time and capabilities to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you’ve been impacted by this pandemic, you could qualify for hardship relief, which would give you more time to pay.  Of course, many lenders are expecting you to be unaware of any changes to the system and will act against you by sending threatening letters regardless of what the courts are doing.

Know Your Rights and Get More Time

Even though there is a mandatory pause to the legal process of filing a foreclosure, you still have to pay on your mortgage.  If you can’t do so, you won’t be foreclosed upon during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you won’t face this process once the courts begin to allow all foreclosures to be filed.  Contact the legal team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. Attorney at Law, and learn more about your rights and how much time you have.  You might be able to gain some momentum, begin to make payments, and avoid foreclosure altogether.


Your Lender Might Work With You

The Coronavirus Foreclosure pandemic has impacted nearly everyone in the world in some way.  This includes your lender that holds your mortgage loan.  They are more interested in you paying on your loan than taking your home away from you.  If you begin to find a way forward and can make payments again, you should negotiate a payment plan to start to pay them and ensure you can keep your home.  The legal team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. can help you do this so that you can keep your home.


Don’t Bend to the Threats

The mortgage lender that holds your loan has likely contacted a collection agent if you’ve fallen behind on your payments.  Don’t allow threatening letters or phone calls to get your down and cause you to bend to them.  Understand the process that you’re facing if foreclosure is used as a threat toward you.  The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has created some forgiveness and could give you more time and a renewed payment for your home.  Let the team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. Attorney at Law get to work to help you keep your home.


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