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Cougar Dating – A Popular Trend in Modern Times

We live in an era where the older, modern woman is far more confident, independent and liberated than ever before.  She is more successful in her career, often holding leadership positions in organisations with a large degree of responsibility.  Along with this comes the pride of success and achievement.  She has high self-esteem.  She gathers the trappings that go with the successful lifestyle – property, car and clothes.  She takes care of herself by having a healthy diet and visits the gym regularly.  We are describing a Cougar!

By comparison, many men as they get older and reach middle age tend to be less bothered at keeping up appearances of a well-toned body and start to slip into a lazy lifestyle.  This can lead to a lack of interest from women in their social circles.


It should come as no surprise that the Cougar will start looking at younger men to compliment her.  She loves nothing more than to be respected, adored and she loves to show herself off with a younger man at her side!  In modern times it is becoming very common to see an older woman with a younger partner.

What does the Cougar expect from the young man she dates or goes on to form a relationship with?

She expects him to be well mannered, have a good sense of style and good social skills.  It is important that he takes good care of his body in order to look his best for her.  At all times he should treat her with the respect she feels she deserves.  A softer, sensitive side is also important as he must also be able to pander to her emotional needs.  All women love to be surprised with inventive dating ideas and gifts.  The young man should bear in mind that gifts do not always have to cost a lot of money.  A gorgeous bunch of flowersgoes a long way to please any woman!  The younger man should always be aware of who is in control of the “hunt” – it is undoubtedly the Cougar!

Where does the Cougar seek out a younger man to date?

For anyone wanting to meet new friends, date, or pursue a more meaning relationship the whole world is available to them.  There is no reason not to look at or belong to the numerous Cougar dating sites available catering to their specific wants and needs.  Many have the option of specifying exactly the type of person you would like to meet – even to height, size and hair colour.

Once a Cougar has dated a younger man she will never go back!

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