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Conny Valentina is a Favorite Female Artist For So Many SOFAN Comic Fans

Conny Valentina is one of our favorite artists.  We love to collect her Cavewoman covers as well as anything else she creates.   Conny lives in Adelaide, Australia. She is an artist by trade and works mainly in 2D art, always in traditional media.


She started out working on magazine covers and interiors in the sci-fi industry and gradually moved to the pin-ups which have kept her busy for the last few years. “Lately I have been putting aside any large paintings and cover work for my love of portraiture,” she says, “and, quite honestly, it has slowly become a bit of an obsession. I am addicted to what I do, starting early in the morning and retiring late in the evening, but it never feels like work. I am blessed to be able to do this for a living and even more so for all the amazing support and love I have received over the years.”


Conny Valentina Cavewoman Art Comic Books


Keep up the great work Conny.  We have tons of Conny Valentina fans at SOFAN Comics and can't wait to see what you come up with next.  Shop for Conny's latest covers at

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