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Christina “Chris” Callaway for State Senate District 19 in Tennessee

Already Dubbed the “Common Sense” Candidate, Christina “Chris” Callaway is perfectly poised to bring Real World experience as an Educator and Business woman to the State Senate Floor. Mrs. Callawayhas polled the precincts, and is ready to share effective strategies for the top concerns of citizens: Educational Reform, Business Stability, and Quality Healthcare.



Tennessee, USA–Christina “Chris” Callaway has already served the citizens of State Senate District 19 as a Community Advocate for over a decade. Having secured the required petitions and support from the community, her name will appear on the General Election ballot.  Mrs. Callaway is running as an Independent after responding to requests from many new and native Tennessee residents.

As an experienced Business Consultant and Dean of Student Affairs at Brooks Academy, Mrs. Callaway is ‘In Touch’ with the major problems that plague our communities.

Armed with success measures that have worked for the families she has served, Christina Callaway believes in putting people before party politics.

When polling the precincts, “Chris” Callaway was asked the reason why she was running as an Independent, and what she hopes to bring to the table.She replied, “I have been an Independent for 14 years.  My goal is to encourage people to participate in democracy, and provide real world leadership in our district.

“The challenges we face are not party problems, but PEOPLE problems.  Having school age children of my own, and working with hundreds of families…the challenges are different than the previous decade.  All parents want the best educational choices for their children. All communities want strong, local businesses to thrive in order to reduce crime and unemployment. Our health is wealth, so our health insurance program needs a resolution.  These cannot be resolved from someone disenfranchised from the masses.”

Mrs. “Chris” Callaway’s career expertise, counsel and compassion extend to all of these critical areas.Shefurther clarifies that she isnot running against anyone, but instead, is running for the people. Many have asked Mrs. Callaway to consider public office because she asks questions, finds immediate solutions, and engages in civil discourse regardless of differences.

“It's time out for rhetoric, we need results. People are hurting, tired of fighting, and want to see real change. We have to stop destroying our future, and find common ground to work for the common good. We can Lift Our Voices, or Lose Our Choices."

Christina Callaway’s specific avenues to restore balance to the educational, business and healthcare sectors of Tennessee include;

  • Establishing Career, Trade, and College Based Curriculum in Middle and High Schools
  • Addressing Fiscal Responsibility to Improve Public School Resources & Performance
  • Supplementingthe Business Tax in order to Create Quality Healthcare Incentives
  • ImprovingHealthy Tourism and Commerce for Sustainable Job Creation
  • Protecting Estate and Inheritance Provisions
  • Providing a Platform to Attract and Keep Quality Insurance Programs
  • Creating Transparency in the Cost of Health Services, so that Citizens can Adequately Budget for Non-Emergency Healthcare

“Chris” Callaway is the “Common Sense” Candidate with Real World, Hands-On experience. More information can be found at

About Christina Callaway

Christina Callaway lives in Davidson County, Tennessee with her husband and two children. She is the daughter of the Late Reverend Theodore Andrews, Jr. and Dr. Ida J. Stephens- Andrews. She has aB.A. degree in Public Communicationand anM.S. degree in IMC Business. Chris Callaway is also a federally certified health program professional, with licenses in all 50 states. She has served as the Dean of Student Affairs at the Brooks Academy for nearly 15 years, and has helped Middle Tennessee business owners for over a decade.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Christina “Chris” Callaway

Contact Number: (615) 543-8762


Address:424 Church Street, Ste 2000 #272,Nashville, TN 37205

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