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China International Import Expo Enriches Secoo’s Business and Boosts Secoo’s Partnership with Governments


As the trend of consumption upgrade becomes more and more obvious, consumers’ demand for high-quality lifestyle is also on the rise each and every day. This has seen demands surrounding ‘individualization’ and ‘sense of trend’ rise rapidly. This definitely is good news to high-end service platform like Secoo due to market space opening up. With the first China International Import Expo having more than 100 countries and regions attended, the market space has only expanded. The Import Expo held supporting activities such as supply and demand matchmaking meetings, industry seminars, and product launches. It also saw more than 200 world top companies and leading enterprises such as KAO, SMCP, Takashimaya and others take part in the Expo. The Expo covered a wide range of categories including apparel, consumer goods, automobile, consumer electronics and household appliances.

Secoo’s senior vice president, Song Yuwei, was quick to note the significance of the expo. He reiterated the company’s firm commitment to providing Chinese consumers with globally renowned brand products and services. Mr Song said, "thank you very much for the great help and support from the Beijing commission of commerce and the Beijing transaction group of the expo.” It is no doubt Secoo’s brands have an international audience with exhibitors of all countries present in the expo highly consistent with Secoo’s brand positioning.

It is no surprise therefore, Secoo has already taken advantage of the expo by reaching out to some exhibitors in advance. Through this, Secoo has announced it will sign strategic agreements with brand partners in Australia, America, Europe, and other countries. Bringing this into perspective, Secoo will use roughly about $100 million to sign deals with multinational enterprises. With these deals, Secoo will seek to contact with more premium brands, get more supplies around the world, with world famous corporations. During the expo, China announced it will import more than 10 trillion US dollars of goods and services in the next five years. Secoo will definitely tap on the opportunities offered by these imports. Secoo will further not loose itself as it seeks to keep up with the emerging trends of consumption upgrade, dig into consumer demand, further consolidating the online boutique lifestyle positioning platform, and comprehensively deepening multiple formats layouts.

In addition, Secoo will hold a strategic signing ceremony with the ministry of trade and industry of the Philippines during the expo. In addition to "bringing in" high-quality products from the Philippines, it will also make efforts to push Chinese quality consumer goods and traditional culture to the world and create its own localization advantages. Secoo will definitely tap on the China’s largest population and its growing economic influence around the globe. Interestingly, China has entered a new stage of development in which consumption scale continues to expand, and consumption and imports have huge room for growth. This definitely is what Secoo is seeking to take advantage of in the coming days.

The beauty of the expo is the fact that the Import Expo will provide convenient measures for customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, and provide long-term online and offline trading services to strengthen the protection of IP rights. It will also protect the rights and interests of merchants.


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